7 Best Brunch Spots in Summerlin


If you’re headed to Vegas or live in the area, you’ll want to pay a visit to Summerlin at some point. This suburban community is located partially within the city limits of Las Vegas and offers some amazing sights and attractions, including some top-notch brunch spots. 


If you find yourself hungry in the late morning/early afternoon, these spots offer something to satisfy your taste buds and fill up your belly. Here are the seven best brunch spots in Summerlin. 



Rustic, unique, delicious; these are the words that come to mind when you think of this Summerlin restaurant. Hearthstone offers rustic American dining at its finest, with a comfortable atmosphere, delicious food, and plenty of drinks to keep you cool in the Nevada heat. 


Wood-burning ovens not only add to the ambiance of the place but give its menu a taste unlike any other. The savory taste of a wood-grilled steak or chicken breast simply can’t be matched, and the only way you leave Hearthstone hungry is if you don’t order! 


Try the tasty Avacado toast, Lobster Benedict, the famous breakfast burrito, or even the lollipop chicken wings. You’ll find everything you need on the restaurant’s brunch menu, but don’t stop there; come back for dinner and try the Hanger Steak.  



BJ’s is a household name when it comes to American dining, and you’ll definitely want to stop into BJ’s if you’re in Summerlin. This restaurant has something for everyone, and the food and service are top-notch. Looking for signature deep-dish pizza? Tacos? A delicious steak? BJ’s has it all, and then some. 


BJ’s also offers gluten-free and vegetarian platters for those with dietary restrictions. You’ll find an extensive list of drinks to go with your savory meal as well. From domestics to imports to local hand-crafted favorites, BJ’s has it all. 


Grand Cafe


Red Rock Casino and Resort offers more than just a top-notch gambling experience. It’s also home to several of Summerlin’s best restaurants, and the Grand Cafe certainly makes the list. Grand Cafe is open 24/7, so no matter when your hunger strikes, you’ll have somewhere to go to fulfill it. Over 100 individual items on the menu are always available, so there’s never a shortage of good food to be had! 


You won’t find another cafe quite like this one in Vegas. With all-day availability, prices anyone can afford, and high-quality food to leave your taste buds begging for more, there truly isn’t another cafe experience worth having. If you’re staying at Red Rock, don’t forget to visit the Grand Cafe. 

Blue Ribbon


Are you noticing a theme here? Red Rock strikes again with yet another excellent restaurant experience. The Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill is perfect for the sushi lover in your group. The menu features Japanese favorites and opens at noon most days, making it the perfect brunch option if you’re staying at or close to the Red Rock. 


You also have the option to reserve a table online so you can get the perfect seat. Come experience the quality and ambiance of one of Summerlin’s best sushi spots and certainly one of its best restaurants overall! 

Via Brasil


With a full brunch menu loaded with tasty morsels, a convenient location in Summerlin, and an attitude all its own, Via Brasil Steakhouse is a must-see for Las Vegas tourists or natives. The sprawling brunch menu features over fifty favorites, including the ribeye special, leg of lamb, beef short ribs, and more. 


Head back at dinnertime for hand-carved meat specials served tableside. There’s truly not another steakhouse that comes close to Via Brasil! Head over to the website today to book your table or view the impressive gallery that features the restaurant’s dishes. 

Nacho Daddy 


If you’re looking to add a bit of spice to your brunch, try Nacho Daddy at Summerlin. This gourmet Mexican restaurant features daily lunch specials, Taco and Tequila Tuesday, and even a BOGO Wine Wednesday for the avid wine enthusiast. Since 2010, Nacho Daddy has been pleasing patrons with excellent service and truly excellent Mexican dishes. 


While you’re there, you can try the famous Scorpion Shot, which is exactly what it sounds like. We’ll just let you figure that one out on your own. 

Vintner Grill


This elegant and stylish grill has won “The Best of Summerlin” award for its simple ambiance, tasty menu, and excellent service. The bistro handles everything from casual brunches to formal dinners, and its menu has something to offer people of all tastes and backgrounds. 

Featuring wood-fired flatbreads, burgers and sandwiches, pasta, and more, this is the perfect spot to host your next brunch engagement. The modern decor will help you relax and ease into your meal, and you’ll find no shortage of excellent staff here. Try the Vintner out the next time you’re in Summerlin!