7 Best Decorating White Rooms Ideas


White interiors are trendy! White walls make your space look clean, organized and classic. But all with appropriate styling!

Whether you are more into an industrial touch or looking for something rustic or contemporary, there are endless ways to decorate your white space. 

Check out our handpicked décor ideas for white rooms that will work in every design aesthetic – from minimalistic to boho to coastal. 

  1. Decorate with Rattan

The ‘70s rattan furniture is making its way into the modern décor, especially in white interiors. Rattans inside a white bedroom and living room lend a nostalgic, rustic and coastal touch to your home décor. 

It adds texture, richness, and colors to your space. The best part is this type of furniture suits every style of home interior. 

A contemporary white room with no or less architectural detail serves as a perfect canvas for wood or rattan furniture and antiques. 

You have many options - A thrifted rattan chair and stool beside your bathtub, rattan bed frame, rattan storage, etc. 

  1. Add Sparkle with Metallics

Warm metallics such as gold, copper, and bronze quickly catch the light, thereby adding glimmers to a white room. Metallics work great with virtually all colors and tints– be it pastels, neutrals or dark tones, you can create different looks for each room. 

Replace your hardware with doorknobs and handles in copper, silver, and gold to add metal tones modestly. On dresser, TV console and bookcase hutch, quirky brass knobs will do the job. Mix and match metallic to give a unique style to your space. 

Similarly, you can also choose metallic wall paint, wall art, furniture and indoor lighting.

  1. Bring in Greenery

Crisp white walls create a wonderful backdrop for cacti, kitchen herb gardens and terrariums. If you are looking for something that requires low maintenance, you can invest in bedding, throw pillows and other textiles feature palm trees or banana leaves. 

Nature wall art also do the job in creating whimsical garden scenes. Alternatively, refresh the look with fresh flowers and eucalyptus leaves. Moss wall art is another growing trend that can lend pleasant colros to your white room.  

  1. Add Depth with Geometry 

Geometric patterns lend perfect eye-catching vigor to white rooms. So in addition to materials and finish, you can experiment with unique shapes while choosing your home décor accents, furniture and art for your white space.

Curvy objects and furniture paired with an oval mirror can perfectly balance a boxy room. You can mix different shapes such as rectangles, ovals, round, squares, hexagons, and organic shapes to add life to your white room. 

Another easiest way to incorporate geometry to your white room is going for textiles such as curtains, upholstery and rugs. For a more radical look, you can try painting floors and wall or invest in a statement geometric lamp or chandelier. 

  1. Soften the Look with Exposed Brick Wall

Exposed brick walls are trendy! And when it comes to white rooms, this rustic styling idea can soften the entire look and feel of your space. 

A brick wall can add a unique character and rustic charm of 1900s to your space. Initially popular in historical buildings, exposed brick walls have made their way in living spaces. 

You can use open-backed shelving in front of it or lean a large accent against it. It is sure to add pops of color to your space. You can also add wood decor accents and greenery around the wall or even paint it with a complementing color. 

  1. Create Coastal Vibes with Blue Accents

Blue accents add a coastal look and feel to an all-white room. From beach wall art to soft furnishing, the blank white canvas serves as a wonderful backdrop for adding seaside azure blue accents. 

You can create charming beach time in your bedroom with watery shades of blue paired with sun-bleached white. Rope and wood furnishing will lend contrast to the room.

In addition to blue, you can also choose natural wood tones, warm creams, pale turquoise, and lemon for a distinctive seaside feel. Seafoam green paired with beautifully with furniture in natural tones also look awesome. 

  1. Add Artwork

Art is something very personal! But when it comes to choosing a wall art for your white space, there are a few important considerations. 

For a busy white room, ideally choose one piece of an oversized artwork, for instance a huge world map art, if you are an avid traveler. But if your room lacks interesting architectural details or has an overpowering feature, a gallery wall will create a focal point. 

Wrapping Up

Having an all-white interior is a great responsibility. At the same time, it works as a wonderful blank canvas where you can show the best of your creativity. Try out these décor ideas for white rooms to pull a timeless look for your space.