7 Essential Accessories Every Woman Should Have


  1. Sunglasses- based on the shape of your face, decide on the sunglasses you want to wear. Some great brands abound; from the iconic Ray-Ban to the more modern counterparts. Whether you want aviators or cat’s eye, sun glasses are an accessory that you should possess. They are practical, necessary and can prevent a host of eye diseases.

  2. Statement jewellery- perhaps you never take off your wedding band and engagement ring. Apart from that, you should look for jewellery that will do the talking for you. Heirloom diamonds, quirky mismatched earrings and boho chic are all styles to try. If you’re looking for something that’s modern and classic at the same time, do think about pearl jewellery. The ethereal pearls lend itself to new and cutting edge designs, beautifully. From a choker to a ring, from hair pins to clothes pins, the pearl is a versatile piece of jewellery. It won’t feel out of place at an impromptu party or a formal dinner.


  1. Bag- women carry the world on their shoulders. Their bags should help them with the task. A good bag is what the hardworking woman needs. Make sure it has enough compartments to put your stuff away neatly, zips so that nothing falls off, and pockets for your phone and make-up. Choose smaller purses for a night on the town, and pouches that can separately carry your medication, eats, charger and electronic accessories.  This way, when you switch bags, you only need to take the pouches out of one and put them in the other.

  2. Shoes- a pair of two for parties, work shoes and informal shoes are all necessary additions to your wardrobe. Look for form, function and style and you’ll be surprised to see that you can find them all in your choice! Spend some money on this and you won’t have to change your shoes every single year.

  3. Outer and inner wear- a cardigan, smart blazer, scarves or stoles can all add to the beauty of your outfit. Silk or cashmere is perfect for parties and the winter, for all else, stick to cotton, making sure that they are easy to wash and maintain. These accessories can really dress up even a simple t-shirt or dress. For inner wear, think of well-fitting lingerie, that lies against your skin and doesn’t show up on clothes. Think of seamless underwear and soft cup bras, for starters. If you wear tights, they should be opaque and shouldn’t have ladders or crooked seams.

  4. Staple clothes- think comfortable and sturdy denims, a blazer that’s your go-to for all official events, the quintessential little black dress, the fabulous leather jacket,  or trench coat, and your stack of all-weather t-shirts. Your closet should have your staples, even as you add new things into the mix.

  5. Confidence- this isn’t an accessory as much as an essential. None of the other six will work if you don’t have seven. Intelligence and confidence are the best accessories any person can possess. This will show in every single sphere of your life.