7 Essential Appliances Every Condo Must Have

The Essential Appliances You Need to Include in Your New Condo

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Living on your own for the first time is an important decision. It will usher you to a new phase of your life: adulthood. Make sure you do a lot of planning before packing your stuff. Are you financially capable of handling the amortization or rents, and bills? Have you decided on the furniture and appliances that you will need? More importantly, are you mentally and emotionally prepared to be on your own?

Condo living is immensely popular in global cities from New York to Manila. Why? Condos provide conveniences that traditional housing don’t have such as 24/7 security, passive architecture, and lifestyle amenities. Some condo developments have a grocery, medical clinic, and preschool. It’s basically a “one-stop-shop” residential complex.

Condos have more limited square footage compared to apartments and houses. Thus, you need to carefully choose your furniture, appliances, and other home items. Here are 7 mini appliances that suit condo living.

Induction cooker
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The Essential Induction Cooker  

Although your condo may be surrounded with fastfood and restaurants, you can’t keep on eating out. Prepare your food as often as you can. It’s the only way to ensure that you eat fresh meals and sanitation is observed in preparing your food. An induction cooker is one of the essential condo appliances that should be in your list. Unlike a big stove or oven, an induction cooker doesn’t take up too much space. You can simply place it on your kitchen countertop.

Compact Refridgerator
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A Compact Refrigerator 

Living in a tight space can help you downsize on your expenses. You are obliged to keep only the things you need. This simpler lifestyle is a break from society’s consumerism. A compact refrigerator will suit your condo home. It’s space saving and energy efficient, plus it prevents you from hoarding food that may just end up in the trash.

The US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have launched the Energy Star, which identifies top-performing and cost-effective energy efficient products and practices. When buying an appliance, check whether it complies with Energy Star standards.

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The All-Around Microwave Oven 

Don’t have time to cook on workdays? Here’s a tip: cook your meals on weekends, keep them in the fridge and heat every meal. This will save you time, effort, and electricity. A microwave oven is a must-have for your condo kitchen. A microwave is not only for heating. It can also cook meals and bake simple pastries.