7 Essential Appliances Every Condo Must Have

The Essential Appliances You Need to Include in Your New Condo

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Laundry Machine
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Space-Saving Laundry Set 

Appliance size can influence your small condo design. Interior designers recommend using large design elements such as big floor tiles and floor-to-ceiling mirrors to create an illusion of space. However, this design hack doesn’t extend to an enormous washing machine that will eat up space. You can opt for a combo washer and dryer that can be tucked in a kitchen cabinet or under your countertop. Maximizing your space must be always on your mind when choosing a home item.

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Blender: Your Healthy Food Companion 

Living alone, with all its blissful silence and freedom, has its own hazards. There’s no one to nag you to clean up, turn off your computer or take it easy on junk food. If you don’t take it easy, your reckless lifestyle can be your doom. Ditch your stock of sodas and prepare healthy vegetable and fruit juices. A blender will only take up little space on your countertop, yet it can help you prepare refreshing breakfast drinks. Have a carrot juice with apples or prepare lemon juice before heading to your office or a banana-celery shake for lunch.

Slow cooker
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A Slow Cooker

Social media seems to be obsessed with the slow cooker lately. Cooking videos using the slow cooker are being shared on Facebook. This countertop electronic appliance is typically used to simmer meat at a low temperature. With a slow cooker, you just need to throw in all ingredients in the pot and let it cook soups and stews. Let it do the complex cooking for you while you busy yourself with other activities.

Coffee Makers
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Essential Coffee Maker

Start your day with a cup of brewed coffee. Instant coffee can give you a boost in the morning, but it’s not as healthy as organic coffee beans. Do you know that coffee can cut your risk of developing heart diseases and liver problems? It’s also proven to reduce depression. Just remember to moderate your consumption. Too much of anything is harmful. Your countertop will not be complete without the essential coffee maker.

Shopping for appliances require more time and planning than buying clothes. These are big purchases that must serve your purpose for a long time. Consider the size of your space, your condo design, and your lifestyle when choosing an item. Does it eat up much needed space? Does it suit your modern industrial design theme? Does it improve your lifestyle? Moreover, buy eco-efficient appliances that will not only help you save on utility bills but also reduce carbon emission.

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