7 Essential Destination Wedding Tips for New Couples

Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings

Are you considering having your wedding in a different country or state? A destination wedding is a great idea if you want to have a unique ceremony. You can have a beautiful ceremony in your favorite spot in the world. However, marrying abroad has its pros and cons. A destination wedding requires more of your attention and time to be successful. In most cases, you will spend more on an overseas wedding than on a local wedding. However, it all comes down to the planning process. You can save costs and get affordable vendors abroad depending on the location. Some couples dismiss the idea of marrying abroad because they do not how to pull it off. If you are considering this idea, here are some tips to make your event memorable.

Consider the Legal Requirements

If you have been dreaming about a destination wedding all your life, you probably have several favorite spots for your event. Some couples prefer to marry in the same spot or country where they were engaged. The legal requirements for overseas weddings vary across countries. Some countries require the couple to reside in the country for a specific number of days before the wedding. This means that you will have to travel several weeks or days before your big day. However, some countries have no rules and allow foreign couples to marry at any time and location. Check the documents required as well and ensure you have them all before you take the trip.

Choose Your Vendors Carefully

The tricky part of organizing a destination wedding is that you do not have full control over all the minute details of the day. You rely on your vendors and hope that they will deliver quality services. Online directories can help you pick the best vendors in your destination. For instance, you can search for a photographer on a destination wedding photographers directory. The next step after identifying vendors is vetting each vendor. Ask as many questions as you can about their services. Look for testimonials where possible. Traveling with local vendors is sometimes expensive, hence the need to work with vendors in your destination.

Pick the Right Time

Many couples go wrong when choosing the right time for an overseas wedding. You probably want to get married on a specific day that bears precious memories. However, you need to go beyond that and consider the weather at that time of the year. Remember that some countries experience sudden weather changes. You do not want a storm or hurricane to ruin your wedding day. Another consideration when choosing the timing is the peak and off-peak seasons. Marrying in a tourist destination during the peak season is expensive. You will also find crowded hotels, recreational centers, and airports. Having a wedding during the off-peak season may be cheaper, but the weather may be unfavorable. The secret is to choose a day immediately after the peak season when the weather is still favorable.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding becomes easier when you involve a planner. You must admit that you will need help to pull off a destination wedding. An experienced planner will point out all the details you need to consider and help you choose good vendors. You can hire a planner from home, but the better option is to get one from your preferred location. A local planner can advise you on the best spots, vendors, and timing better than your planner from home. Remember to allocate a proportion of your budget to your planner’s fees.

Visit the Location

You can hire and communicate with vendors and your planner online. You can also pick and book the location from home. You may have found your photographer through a directory, for example, but you need a physical meeting with him too. You may need to take one or more trips to the destination before the wedding day. Do not wait for surprises on the most important day of your life. Book a flight and meet with all the vendors. Ensure that they know your expectations and can assure you of exceptional services. Visit the location and confirm that all the facilities you need are available.

Think about Your Friends and Family

Your close friends and family will want to witness your nuptials at all costs. If you settle for an overseas wedding, you must factor in their needs and comfort. Choose a location with good accommodation facilities, reliable means of transport, and caregivers. Consider the cost of traveling including the airfare, food, and accommodation. Do not be disappointed if some do not make it because the cost may be too high for them. Inform your bridal party about the destination wedding before asking for a commitment. It helps to inform people several months or even a year before the wedding so that they can save up for it. Remember to take good care of all your guests on the big day.

Check Flight Schedules

A common mistake when planning a destination wedding is to focus too much on the ceremony that you forget to book your flight on time. Check the flight schedules and book all flights early. Factor in the hot seasons when most people are likely to be traveling to your destination. You need enough time to rest before your wedding day. Consider your family and friends when booking flights and inform them of the flight schedules. Ask about the cost of luggage because you may have to travel with your wedding dress. Look for a wedding dress that you can fold or hang. You may incur an additional cost depending on how you package it.

Planning a wedding can be hectic, especially when you have many guests. The process is tougher if you want to have your wedding overseas. However, you can have an easier time if you follow the tips outlined in this article and plan correctly.

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