7 Facts About Lake Placid You Might Not Know

Lake Placid is one of those places where you won’t mind having left behind your cell phone back at home. Well, in some cases you won’t have a choice. The signal is spotty here so better be prepared to use your smartphone only for taking pictures.


Anyway, here are some facts about Lake Placid that you might want to know. 


1. It’s a town of Just 2,700 people- Lake Placid spans about 4 square kilometers. However, the population density is around 2,000 people per square mile. That’s because most of the inhabitants are living in the town center where you find most of the conveniences. There’s still plenty of space to breathe compared to NYC, for example, which has a density of 26,000 per square mile. 


2. There are 46 peaks you can scale- Lake Placid is a part of the Adirondack Mountains, and the range has at least 46 peaks that are open to the public. In fact, you can use Lake Placid as a jump-off point to scale Mount Marcy which, at 5,343 feet, is the tallest mountain in the state. There are Lake Placid cabins to rent so you can have a good night’s rest before your ascent.


3. No, there’s no 30-foot crocodile- Lake Placid was the name of the movie franchise involving a 30-foot crocodile that eats people for fun. Despite the name, however, the 1999 movie Lake Placid what shot in Aroostook County, Maine, which is about 500 miles away.


4. Halloween is not a day, it’s an event- People of Lake Placid take their Halloween seriously, like, really seriously. In 2013, Travel and Leisure magazine awarded Lake Placid the distinction of being the top spot for spending Halloween. Main Street is the center of weird faces and appearances as everybody is dressed in their Halloween costume. Every home and business seems to want to outdo each other in having the best decoration. During Halloween, you also need to plan your travel as Lake Placid cabins to rent are all full.


5. It has a connection to the Dewey Decimal System- The inventor of the Dewey Decimal System was Melvil Dewey. A native New Yorker and ex-director of the NYC State Library, he later transferred to Lake Placid where he quickly took root. He founded the Lake Placid Club and then successfully won the bid to hold the Winter Olympics in 1932. He patented the Dewey Decimal System in 1876, and it’s still being used in some libraries today.


6. It’s the only place in the US to host the Winter Olympics twice- In the whole world, only one other place holds the distinction, and that’s St. Moritz in Switzerland. Lake Placid had hosted the Winter Olympics in 1932 and another in 1980. 


7. The “Miracle on Ice” took place here- It was a victory that captured the nation’s imagination. The setting was in the middle of the Cold War, and the US hockey team was severely underdog when they faced Russia. The Russian hockey team was a juggernaut back then being the four-time defending champs. The US, meanwhile, fielded a bunch of amateurs with no expectations of winning.


Whether it’s summer or winter, Lake Placid is one of the best getaways in New York State that you can go to without blowing your budget. It offers plenty of activities for families and thrill-seekers alike.