7 Prestigious Ways to Add a Touch of Class to Any Room in Your Home

Adding a touch of class to any room in your house isn’t as hard as you think? There are some very prestigious ways that are inexpensive and DIY-friendly that dramatically changes the look of any room. From complete makeovers to simple cosmetic ideas, adding a touch of class couldn’t be any easier than these seven ways below.


1. Switches and Outlets


One of the easiest ways to spice up a room is to change your light switches and outlets. Modern technology in the home electrical sector has finally produced some high-tech gadgets that add sophistication and class for the rooms we live in. Forget about the basic wall outlet and standard light switches. These items are now tricked-out with flashlights, USB ports, and other wicked-cool features.


What’s even better, they require minimum brain power to install. This is a simple DIY project that can be done safely by any homeowner by shutting off the breaker to that room and reading the instructions. Depending on your mood, some even have a choice of different colored LED lights.


2. Oxblood & Gold Leaf Dining Room


How would you like to have your dining room look like it belongs in a palace somewhere? You can do this by painting your walls oxblood and painting your ceiling and trim work with gold leaf. Oxblood is a dark shade of red that looks like burgundy, but has more dark brown and purple hues.


Gold leaf is a paint that looks like gold flakes. This is a DIY project, however, you will need an airless sprayer or electric paint sprayer for the best results. If you don’t have an airless sprayer? There’s no need to worry, you can get a basic electric paint sprayer pretty cheap at Walmart that will get the job done.


Pro Tip: Cover your floors with canvas drop cloths, cover your windows with plastic, spray the gold leaf on the ceiling, trim, and doors, and finish the job by painting the walls last.


3. Facelift for Kitchen Cabinets


Giving your kitchen cabinets a facelift is an inexpensive and classy way to give them new life. If you have old and brown kitchen cabinets? Paint them white and add new hardware for an amazing makeover. For the best results, remove the doors and hardware and number them inside the hinge slot with a black marker. Then, set them on 2x4x8s on top of a sawhorse in a dust-free environment. Stand your drawers on end with the face pointing up.


It’s important to clean them with paint thinner before you start, and you should use an oil-based primer like Kilz. Do not use a latex primer because they will chip and peel. After the Kilz dries (2hrs), you will need to sand and wipe them with thinner before you apply your first coat of finish paint. A good finish paint is Rustoleum high-gloss white. It’s an oil-based paint that looks like liquid glass when it’s dry, and it’s very durable and chip-resistant.


The first coat will take overnight to dry. Next, lightly sand with a fine sanding sponge and wipe clean with a rag and thinner. Apply your second coat, let it dry overnight, wipe and buff with a clean rag and thinner, and install your new hardware. You’ll be looking at a $10,000 set of kitchen cabinets for about $500, depending on the type of hardware you selected?


Follow the same technique above for the facing of the wall cabinets. You can do both the doors and facing at the same time; however, this is a very time consuming DIY project. Plan your project accordingly to your schedule. If you start on one weekend and pluck away at it during the week, you should be able to finish it the by the following weekend.


4. Add Crown Molding


You can give any room a majestic look by adding crown molding. The beautiful thing about crown molding is it comes in a variety of styles and widths. From rounded edges and elegant grooves to dental patterns, crown molding makes any room look prestigious. This is a DIY project that requires a little skill to cut. Here’s a great YouTube video from "This Old House" that will show you how to cut and install it like a pro. Crown molding can also be painted or stained any color.


5. Antique Rugs & Carpets


Adding antique rugs and carpets can add prestige and make a striking statement in the center of a room. They can be the foundation that you base your colors and designs from. They can also compliment your furniture and provide pleasing aesthetics for your room’s decor. Depending on the decorative environment of your room, it’s important to consider a variety of rugs. You can shop here for some exquisite selections and affordable prices.


6. Bathroom Shelving


If you have a recessed wall around your toilet or an open wall space somewhere in your bathroom? Adding a variety of decorative shelving can add prestige and provide a variety of storage solutions. Shelving can also provide an area to display fine pieces of art, glass bottles filled with colored stones, picture frames, towels, and more. This is a DIY project that can be done by custom building your shelving or buying prefabricated shelving at your local home improvement store.


7. Install Ceramic Tiles


Get rid of that old and boring linoleum floor in your kitchen or bathroom by installing high-quality ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are available in a vast and wide selection of sizes, textures, and colors. They’re also very durable and offer decades of longevity. You will need a ceramic tile saw, skill saw (with a concrete blade to cut the concrete backer-board that goes down first), corded or cordless drill (to screw the backer-board), notched trowels, and a variety of basic hand tools.


This is a great DIY project that can you thousands of dollars in professional installation costs and makes your kitchen or bathroom floor look prestigious and amazing.


Additional Information


Making any room in a house look prestigious adds property value and transforms your living space. It’s quite possible to use a combination of the seven ways listed above for a total redesign of any room in your house. Thanks to the tips suggested in this guide, you can DIY in any room and make it look prestigious.