7 Reasons Why Every Photographer Should Shoot Film (At Least Once)




Every individual who has taken photography as their main career aspires to become the best photographer they can be. There are numerous ways they can apply to become the best, and one of them is being diverse and flexible with their photography work. In this case, by being diverse, one can choose to shoot a film even if he or she is used in digital photography. Digital photography is what every photographer prefers for their daily work, but here are some reasons why you should shoot a film at least once in your career.

1. You Will Learn How To Focus More

Unlike digital photography where you can just pick your camera, take a shoot and love the outcome, a film will make you think before you take a shot. It is the only way you end up with an excellent composition of your intended image. Again, with a digital camera, you are allowed to take numerous shots of your target subject and then settle for the one or few that fulfills your expected results. However, with film, the shots you can make are limited to about 24 or 36 takes in every roll. Therefore, for you to take several perfect shots on one film roll, you will have to focus more than you do with digital photography. By learning how to pause and think before taking a shot, you will be training yourself on how to create a perfect image composition even with digital photography.

2. Understand Your Camera Better



Almost everyone can pick a digital camera and take nice, if not perfect shots even without going through photography classes or have only learned about camera basics. However, when it comes to shooting a roll film, you will have to learn more than the basics of film camera to take perfect shots. If you think that you know everything about your 35mm camera, try to shoot a film, and you will learn a few things that you didn’t know about it. For instance, most film cameras will require you to adjust the settings based on the environment you are at the moment. With digital cameras, however, the settings are quite automatic and thus does not require you to know how to change these settings manually.

3. You Will Learn To Focus On Light

Light is the main influencing factor when it comes to photography and the more you pay attention to it, the more perfect shots you get. Without light, there is no photography because it controls the end result of the image that comes to the lens. Digital cameras usually adjust light settings automatically, but with film cameras, you have to possess some instinctive knowledge about the effects of light on different photos. Therefore, as a photographer, it’s good to shoot a film at times to train yourself on how to control light when taking photos. It will become easier to pay attention to light and control it every time you are taking photos whether with a digital or film camera.

4. Break The Monotony

Almost every photographer today focuses on digital photography and sometimes doing the same thing over and over again can become boring. Therefore, shooting a film will draw you from your comfort zone to a zone that will not only spark new interests but also learn new things in photography. It is the same thing you do when you are bored of taking the same food or staying in one place and therefore resolve in taking a vacation and learn new things. Be inspired to learn new things in your photography career, and it will help you adapt in any situation you encounter with your hobby or career.

5. Gain More Experience

Do you want to become an all-rounded professional in photography? If your answer is yes, then it is time you start experimenting with every aspect available in the photography industry. Even if your photography is just a hobby, make it a skilled hobby by trying to shoot a roll film among other skills that you have not tried in photography. The film may be something that you are not interested in for now, but the skills you learn through it, are very valuable for your creativity in photography. Being rigid is the same as being afraid, and you know fear is an enemy of progress.

6. You Will Become More Efficient In Your Photography Work



One main difference between digital photography and shooting a roll film is the fact that with the film almost everything is manual and automatic with digital. Therefore, when using a film camera, you will be required to train your eyes not only to focus but also analyze the scene you are seeing using the viewfinder so as to get the perfect shot. With this, you will be training your muscles, and with time you will become more efficient and effective with your photography work. You will be able to apply the skills acquired in film shooting to digital photography and have more confidence with every shot.

7. Shooting A Roll Film Is Cheap

As compared to digital photography, film shooting is quite cheaper and this is the reason why many beginners in photography start with film. The price of digital kits may have reduced over the years, but a good digital camera is still out of the price range for some people. Film cameras, however, can be found cheaply including the ones that were produced a decade ago. It is a good starting point for a photographer. The good thing about starting with the roll film instead of digital photography is the fact that you will start from the manual skill to the automatic one. Handling the digital camera thereafter will be very easy and also perfect.

Do you want to improve your photography career? It is high time you try roll film shooting because it will not only equip you with great skills, but you will also help you become more focused and efficient with your photography work. Shooting a film will make you more resilient and above all learn things that you could have learned no other way