7 Rules About Manufactured / Mobile Home Values Meant to be Broken in Asia

Rules About Manufactured / Mobile Home Values Meant to be Broken in Asia


Depending on various circumstances, choosing a mobile home might be a great choice. Manufactured mobile homes are designed to be much more convenient for a lot of people. It's a great market for the sellers because of how appealing it is, but you need to comply with some rules about the house’s value, especially if you're based in Asia. So, here are 7 common rules and how you could find a way around them.


1- The Home's Age

This is naturally a contributing factor to the increase or decrease in your mobile home's value. Many people want a house that’s fresh or brand new because it instills confidence they're much more comfortable with it. But in some markets, including the Asian ones, it's possible to go around that rule if the home looks great, is tested for many safety protocols, and especially if it's cleaned up nicely with a fresh paint job.


2- The Home's Relocation

Another factor that can mess up the price and value of your home is whether it has been moved or not. If it has, this makes the sale a lot harder because it would cost lower than it's supposed to. You will notice while using this guide that relocating your home can be risky because of the negative side effects on the structure and the chassis, making it difficult in most markets to get a good buyer. Still, bear in mind that some regions might think differently; the people in Asia might see it as an advantage because the home might have been relocated to a better area with better amenities.


3- The HUD Code 

This is the factor that makes every mobile home that was manufactured before 1976 to be considered obsolete, making the value of the home go down tremendously. This is thanks to the agreement and the execution of the HUD code in the US. It regulates the safety and quality of the home, as the ones built before 1976 did not go through the same screening process that today's homes do. This is the main reason why such a home would cost a lot less than the recently manufactured ones. However, this code might not apply to some markets in Asia because it originates from the US. So, it could just be the usual business in those regions.


4- The Appearance Must Be Appealing 

Indeed, most people love the modern look of mobile homes nowadays; the old styles and designs might not be what they're looking for. This makes the modern approach a lot more valuable than rustic and old-school designs. But the Asian markets might differ here, too; the people there are more familiar with the old styles. Rustic and traditional looks are much more appealing in certain countries than they are in the US.


5- The Home's Depreciation 

This is another factor to consider, which can lower the home's value considerably. Depreciation is something we cannot stop and it's caused by more than the age. The weather conditions in the area could be contributing to it, or it's the areas you’ve been through if the home is relocated multiple times. This can be avoided in a few ways, though, and the Asian market knows how to stall the inevitability of depreciation through good upkeep, using products that fix cracks and damages, getting upgrades, and a lot more.


6- Different Sizes

The value of the home is higher when it's bigger and ranges more per square feet; this has always been the case for homes during sales. The Asian countries have seen a decline in marriages and relationships over the years though; this is because people are more focused on their careers. So, the value of a small home might be higher there because single people might not want bigger spaces, making the bigger homes sell less frequently.


7- The Special Features

Due to the different laws and the HUD code, some extra features that you could add to your mobile home may be against the rules because they don't comply with the requirements. But in most countries in the Asian markets, this doesn't apply. They do not have the same code or rules that restrain people from adding extra features unless they cause any harm.


There are a set of factors and conditions depending on which a mobile home's value can either go up or down. This can be bothersome for people because some buyers might not care about a few of these rules. But loopholes can be found in these rules; Asian markets are a lot different than other countries, making some of these not apply—or get broken—quite easily.