7 Signs to Understand a Girl Is into You

Men are notoriously bad at picking up signals from women. Women tend to hint at things while men are more direct in expressing their demands and desires. The result is that guys can sometimes miss the hints that a girl is looking at you as a potential date. Here are seven signs that you can use to tell if a girl is into you; make sure you study them and learn to spot them easily.

1. Watch the Way She Points Her Feet

It might seem silly, but watch the feel of the girl when she’s talking to you. If her feet are firmly planted and facing you it means you have here complete and undivided attention. If you look down and see her feet are facing the door, then she’s probably just humoring you for conversation or needs to know something. If she does want your complete attention, especially if her friends are around, then you’ll know she likes you.

2. She Laughs at Most of Your Jokes (Even if They’re Dumb)

Nobody laughs more than a girl with a crush. You’ll notice that every little stupid joke you say will make her face light up with smiles and laughter. If this is the case, she’s trying to get used to your humor and make you like her at the same time.

3. You Find Her Looking at You (But Breaks Eye Contact)

You might scan the classroom or crowd at work and find that there is a woman staring at you. Yet, when you look at her, suddenly something on the wall or floor becomes more important. If she’s a repeat offender for staring at you, then she probably likes you.

4. She Touches You in Small Ways

When you’re walking by, she might brush against your or grab your arm while laughing. Naughty girls might make a habit of finding you in small spaces so the two of you have to fumble past one another. Her desire for close contact should stand out to anyone that she is hoping for more contact in the future.

5. The Girl Appears in Places You Are

If you go out to a certain bar or club every week, then you’ll notice newcomers. If someone from your work or school suddenly starts bumping into you everywhere that you go, then the chances are that she is only there because you are there. Some women want to make these happy coincidences take place because they want it to seem like a complete accident that you two met while showing off mutual interests with one another. Most likely, she asked around and found out where you like to go.

6. She Will Drop Hints about Her Relationship Status

Another surefire way to see if a girl is into you is when you listen to her talk about herself and she mentions that she is newly single or has been single for a while. It might come off as a complaint and she might insist that she is not looking for anyone right away, but the chances are that she is letting you know that she is single so that you will have the go-ahead to ask her out.

7. Watch for Her to Blush

The final way that you can tell if a girl likes you is by waiting to see if she blushes when you two talk. Her face will turn red like a tomato because she will be taking in every bit of attention that you’ve given her and wondering if she was not coy enough in the past when talking to you or about you to friends! Whatever you do, don’t point out her blushing!


All in all, there are a lot of different ways that you can tell if a girl is into you. Of course, physical affection and the desire to talk to you at all hours of the day are among the most significant ways to determine if a woman is into you. However, there are subtler ways here that you should watch for, too. In the end, if you spot these signs coming from a girl and feel the same way, then you’ll want to be direct and upfront with her to secure the date!