7 Tech Items to Have In the New Year

Wearable Technology that Crosses Fashion and Function

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Polar Clothing
Polar, Coming Soon

In 2017 Polar is unveiling an innovative new clothing line that eliminates inconvenient heart rate monitors. This “Smart” clothing, tracks heart rate and serves as a GPS. A small sensor pod tracks motion, and provides metrics for speed, distance, and acceleration in real time. Up your workout game in style with this unisex piece.

Lenvo Shoes

Lenovo Smart Shoes, Coming Soon

Smart shoes? That rings a bell. You know what doesn’t ring a bell? Sensors that monitor distance and pace while you run. That’s not all. Lenovo’s customizable sole has a built in 3D scanner that can track sweat and body fat percentage.These shoes sync with your music and have featured lights on the side for visible traction; perfect for the night runners out there.

Ringly Rings

Ringly, Daydream Rainbow Moonstone, $195

Forget the obvious fitness trackers and invest in a stunning piece of jewelry instead. Ringley jewelry records your activity, calories burned, and is all viewable from the Ringly app. Rings and bracelets populate the Ringly collection. Receive phone alerts from your jewelry with a small vibration, as well as set goals. The water resistant design is high quality, delicate and efficient.

Snapchat Specs
Snapbots, $129

In 2016, Snapchat rose to the top of the app chain. In 2017 Snapchat Specs start to exist. These high tech sunglasses record videos and take pictures. Spectacles by Snap Inc. create memories, wirelessly upload snaps, and charge easily within their case. Buy at a Snapbot, a vending machine within major cities, and enjoy this fun social experiment.

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