7 Tips To Eliminate Parasites From Your Body Naturally


Intestinal parasites have become a widespread problem these days. There is hardly a person who may not have experienced them once or more. Common as they may be, parasites can cause some serious health issues if not addressed on time. In fact, they may cause problems even without showing any major visible symptoms. To make things worse, there are several different types of parasites that are associated with different health problems. 

Knowing them and identifying them is a big challenge. Hence, it becomes important to have a strategy for the effective elimination of parasites. Though you may seek medical help, natural is the best approach when it comes to getting rid of these pesky intruders. Beyond just elimination, the strategy should focus on prevention in the first place. Here are some tips that can help you in eliminating the harmful parasites naturally from your body.

Understand parasites first

First things first, you need to know the enemy so that you can fight it out. Essentially, parasites are stubborn creatures that are hard to get rid of once they enter your body. These tiny enemies reside inside your intestine and may hang out there for years, sometimes without even the slightest indication. They eat your food, suck your blood and cause infections and diseases. It is easy for them to enter your body as they can make way within via infected food and water or even dirty toilet seats. Roundworm, whipworm, hookworm, giardia, and tapeworm are some of the common types of parasites though there are many more that you should be careful about.

Know the symptoms

There are some common symptoms that indicate the presence of parasites in your intestine. Mostly related to digestion, these symptoms include bloating, gas, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain or nausea, passing blood in the stool, fatigue, and unexplained weight loss. Besides these generic symptoms, there are specific ones related to specific parasites. For example, you can go through this article showing symptoms of rope worm so that you know what to expect if you have this particular parasite. It is important to watch out for generic symptoms and be aware of the specific ones as well. Early detection of parasites is the key because you can start working on their elimination right away.

Starve them out

Natural healing is all about eating right and the same rule applies to parasitic elimination as well. If you want to get rid of them, just starve them out. Avoid foods of their choice and they will eventually leave your system. Parasites thrive on sweet foods, so sugar is the first thing that you should cut from your diet. Abstain from all sugar-laden foods, including alcohol and high-glycemic fruits. Other foods that you should avoid include junk food, fried food, red meat, grains, and starchy vegetables. Not getting enough of the foods they like will deprive the parasites and force them out of your system naturally.

Focus on the right diet

While there are some foods that you should steer clear of, there are others that you must eat. The right diet for eliminating parasites includes foods rich in B vitamins and vitamin C. Further, foods high in beta carotene also serve extensive health benefits including natural relief from parasites. Also, they have plenty of probiotic-rich foods such as yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut as they strengthen the gut bacteria and make them capable of warding off parasites. A holistic diet comprising fresh and organic foods makes an ideal choice for getting rid of parasites for good. Focus on healthy eating and you will definitely be able to keep parasites at bay.

Get help from herbs 

Herbs are the mainstay of natural healing and there are plenty of herbs that can aid parasitic elimination. Freshly pressed garlic can do wonders for flushing them out and the best part is that you can consume it easily. Other herbal remedies for parasites include black walnuts, wormwood, papaya seeds, and pumpkin seeds. You can prepare a herb-spice concoction with cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves to use as an effective remedy for getting rid of parasites. The best thing about herbal remedies is that they are safe and inexpensive, which makes them easier to use for a prolonged time. What’s more, they are amazingly effective and give definite and sustainable results. 

Invest in a parasitic cleanse 

Another tip for flushing out parasites from your system naturally is by investing in parasitic cleansing. Essentially, an intestinal cleanse involves detox of your intestine to eliminate everything harmful in there. It combines a high-fiber diet with natural supplements that aid the intestines to get rid of toxins and parasites. Cleansing of your intestine accelerates the bowel movement naturally and enables the removal of harmful substances through the body without the help of medicines. 

Don’t let them come back

The elimination of parasites is just half the work done because you also need to ensure that they never come back again. The idea is to have a proper follow-up and long-term prevention plan in place. Eating the right kind of foods and avoiding the wrong ones is partly effective to prevent their entry into your body. At the same time, you need to follow good hygiene at home, at work and while traveling. Wash your hands frequently and avoid coming in contact with contaminants repeatedly. Make it a practice to wash fruits, vegetables, and meats before cooking them. Take a parasitic to cleanse periodically, twice a year is enough to clear out parasites even if they do make way into your body.

Natural elimination of parasites is a great idea if you want to do it easily and without spending a fortune. Moreover, there is nothing safer than natural means, which is the reason that you can follow these practices in the long run. However, you may still see a practitioner if you suffer from repeated bouts of intestinal infection. Even if you resort to medical treatment, you can still follow these tips to ensure a speedy recovery. After all, eating right can make all the difference!