7 bedroom decor ideas to try today

You spend most of your time at home in the bedroom. It is quite natural that you would it to look it’s very best. It would be that one room in your home that is your personal sanctuary, where every element best describes your personality. Of course, just as our personalities are multi-faceted, so are our ideas for the décor. To avoid clashes and clutter, there are certain principles to follow to achieve the aesthetic you want.


Here are our top bedroom décor ideas to try out today:


7 bedroom decor ideas to try today

(Img Courtesy: Nectarsleep)


  1. Be clear about what you want to see

It is natural to have a lot of ideas for your bedroom and it might not be possible to execute it all. You might want fairy lights, colorful ottomans, modern side tables, bohemian throw pillows, aristocratic velvet curtains, fluffy shag rugs and so on. But do they all tie well together is the question. Never underestimate the value of minimal décor, where the really important things have the opportunity to be highlighted. For example, if you cover your night table with a bunch of little knick-knacks, your beautiful table doesn’t get to be the star of its own story. All you will see six months down the line is clutter. It is really important to be clear about what you want, do you really need it and is it worth it before you fill out your shopping cart.


  1. Neutrals go a long way

Often, neutral colors are always shunned aside for quirky palettes and patterned designs. However, there are more benefits to picking neutrals for your bedroom. Not only do they insinuate elegance, but neutral colors also help you sleep better. The purpose of your bedroom is to create a calm, soothing environment to foster good sleep. It doesn’t matter that you work out in there, you read in there or watch movies in there. The purpose of that room doesn’t change. Of course, this doesn’t mean that neutral bedrooms are boring in any way. With patterns and designs using subtle colors, by mixing and matching two or even three different neutrals, you can still get a beautiful result.


(Img Courtesy: Nectarsleep)


  1. Don’t knock a headboard till you have tried it

A lot of people tend to associate a headboard with an outdated concept, or even an expensive one. This is absolutely not true. A headboard is a timeless, contemporary addition to your bedroom. We found many classy options online including this affordable, button tufted fabric headboard in neutral colours from Dreamcloud. Not only does it let you lean back and relax comfortably with a book but it also protects your wall against abrasions. They are easy to assemble and will make  your bed look lusher and more inviting. 


  1. Accents are bae

With all the emphasis on neutral colors, you may have started to wonder where your pop would be. This is where accents come in. Be it accent furniture like a bright yellow ottoman, or bold wallpaper or even with the colourful patterns of a transitional rug from Wovenly, accents tie up the room together. The term itself means emphasis and it gives emphasis or leeway to the adventurous side of you, the side that absolutely needs a bit of colour in a grey world.


  1. Artwork needs to be thought out

Choosing artwork for your bedroom can be a task in itself. There are two main places to hang art in the bedroom. One is behind your bed and the other is the wall opposite your bed. As your bedroom is supposed to be a calm, peaceful environment, it might help to stray away from the bold, eclectic works of art. You can save those pieces for your study where you need your brain to be a tad bit more alert.


(Img Courtesy: Nectarsleep)


  1. Do you really need all those pillows?

Yes, pillows are cute. They are fun, little elements to add to your bed. But you don’t need them. Minimal components are always the classiest. Think of the purpose pillows play in your sleep. They provide support to your neck. You can even customize your pillows to the exact comfort level of your sleeping position with brands like Nectar. Try to avoid thinking of your bed as one that needs additional decorative elements. It serves a purpose and looks best left alone. If you still want to hold on to your pillows, make sure they don’t make it more than half of your bed.



  1. Your curtains could use some flair The statement made by dramatic curtains is loud and bodacious. So, go beyond your imagination with them. Your drapes can be a reflection of your personality – loud, dark, layered or with fringes. Even a plain white curtain can go a long way with a bright fringe trim. You can even go all out DIY on curtains to truly reflect your inner self.


Bedroom décor is a wild ride and at the same time, incredibly personal. You aren’t doing it up for anyone to see but for you to enjoy. It includes a lot of self-reflection, prioritization, and research to end up with the bedroom of your dreams. You can even try to incorporate feng-shui principles to balance out the energy in your revamped bedroom. There are limitless possibilities to try but what matters most is how you incorporate what you stand for in every element of your bedroom.