8 Things To Do Before You Shift To A New Home

Shifting to a new home is a life experience that only a few people describe as fun. That’s because the move requires a lot of effort and time in planning, packing, hiring a moving company in Maryland, moving, and cleaning. 

After the moving day, homeowners face a fresh set of challenges. You may be very excited to remodel your new house, but as soon as the move is complete, the only thing you will want is your bed and a good night’s sleep.

But if you take on some projects before moving in, settling down can be made a lot easier. To help you with the same, we have enlisted below certain things to do before you move into a property.



If your home has not been repainted, you might want to get a fresh coat on the empty walls. It’s a lot easier to paint an empty room as there is no need to move the furniture or remove the draperies. 

Don’t try to be a DIY painter; it can get very hectic and difficult. That said, hiring a professional painter to do the job could be a terrific time-saver. The professional will help you clean the floors, cabinets, and slabs after the painting job is done. 


Electric Work

The house you are moving in may have old and incompatible switchboards. It’s always a wise idea to get the wiring replaced and electrical outlets upgraded. Besides that, you must also consider getting the old switchboards replaced with the new ones. This will not only create uniformity but add newness to your home. 

The heating and cooling system would also require servicing & maintenance, and employing an electrician for the job is a better idea than to do it all yourself.


Locks And Keys

Safety is prior to anything and everything. The moment you get into the new house, get all the locks changed. The previous owners might still have the keys. What if they have given them to someone else?

So, for your own safety, it is essential to change the locks as soon as you take possession of the property. 


Pest Removal

The new property might have areas of hidden pest infestation. You might not be able to see bugs that are hiding between the gaps. So hire a pest removal company, and get this job done before moving in. 

This will not only help you avoid future expensive repairs but also give you peace of mind. Isn’t that something you need before moving in?


Make The Place Pet/Child-Friendly

If you have pets or children in your family, you will have to make your new home friendly for them. Take adequate measures for their safety and comfort. Also, keep your children busy when you are planning the move and don’t have the time to look after them. Call your friends and family for help.

If your kids are old enough, make them a part of the move so that they are not left out. 


Window Treatments

Don’t forget the windows in your new home. Before you call Bethesda local movers to start the moving process, make sure you get your windows cleaned and treated properly. Also, cover the windows with temporary curtains or shades. This will ensure the safety and privacy of your new home while you are away. 


The Paperwork

Shifting to a new home and vacating your old premises would require a lot of documentation work to be done. Some formalities, like changing the address, informing the service & utility providers, can be done online while others will require a bunch of paperwork. So make sure to get the no-dues certificate and get all the unfinished work done before the shift. 

This will help you a lot if you are planning a long-distance move because you wouldn’t want to come back again all the way long. 


Complete All Formalities

If you are planning to sell the property, get a home inspection done. And once you get the home inspection report, spend some time making the necessary repairs and maintaining your home. You don’t want to give the buyers a chance to find faults. 

A home inspection report can also give you an upper hand during the negotiation process.


Here you have them - 8 Things To Do Before You Shift To A New Home.


Hopefully, this article was helpful.