8 Things You Must Do Before Your Next International Trip

Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, traveling is now more convenient, fun, and possible for many. While some prefer to explore local destinations, more and more people are venturing out into other parts of the globe. 


If you are up to leave the country anytime soon, here are some of the things you must do before your trip.


Ensure that your passport is updated and you have the appropriate visas.

If you are bound to leave your country of residence to visit another country, it is necessary for you to ensure that your passport is up-to-date. Check whether your passport is already approaching its expiry date. Additionally, your country of destination may require a certain visa for entry. Some countries may waive the need for a visa depending on the country of origin of the traveler. Thereby, make sure that you have the appropriate visa processed to avoid any mishap in the immigration. Make copies of your passport such that in case you misplace it or in the event that it gets stolen, you will still have a means to get back to your own country. An added measure would be to leave a copy of your passport with someone you trust or consider making an electronic copy that you can store digitally. For a longer duration of stay, it is best if you would register with your embassy to make it easier for you and your government to get in contact with each other in case of any emergency.

Visit your doctor and get yourself vaccinated

Before you even attempt to leave and travel to another country, make sure that you are in tip top shape. It is rather difficult to travel knowing that you have a certain illness that needs to be treated. If you are unfamiliar with the country you are visiting, then chances are you will also be able to find a hard time in enlisting the services of a reputable doctor. Thereby, before you even leave, make sure that you are fit to travel. If necessary, get yourself vaccinated. This is essential if the country you are visiting is known as a high-risk destination, wherein known viruses apparent. There are even instances wherein you need a medical certificate indicating that you are fit to travel before you can board your flight.

Get an insurance

There are various kinds of insurance that may be deemed essential for travelers. For one, you surely need a travel insurance that will protect you and your loved ones financially in terms of unfortunate events during your travel. The coverage may even include compensation for flight delays and misplaced luggage.

Research about your destination

Travelling will be more stress-free if you have a travel plan that includes a little bit of research about where you are going to. It is best if even before you board a plane, you already have an idea on how to get to your hotel or accommodation once you arrive. Research on the country’s currency, as well as the main language they use. You may want to exchange money at the airport where the exchange rates are generally regulated. Additionally, you may want to print out some common terms in case the language in the country you are going to isn’t familiar to you. This will greatly help you get by and figure your way around.

Allocate your budget

Your travel budget will somehow dictate the duration of your stay, the kind of airline you will book, the type of accommodation you will stay in, and in general, how your entire travel will go. Bear in mind that the cheapest option is not always the best selection. There are instances wherein you need to strike a balance between your non-negotiable preferences, comfort, quality, and price.

Figure out how to stay connected

While it is true that the advancements in modern technology paved the way for a more effortless way to stay connected no matter where you are, there are still places without an internet connection. If you are bound to a place where there is limited connectivity, figure out a way early on how to stay connected. Check roaming data charges and if there is sufficient signal even in remote locations. The most important thing is that you have a way to let everyone at home know that you are alright even if you are far away.

Settle down everything you will leave behind

Whether you are going away for a few days or for a couple of months, keep in mind to settle everything you will leave behind. If you plan to take your car to the airport, you should check out airport parking options. Parkos is one of the most cost-effective, convenient, and safest ways to book an airport parking. You will even have the capability to compare several parking locations and get the best deals. In the same manner, if you intend to leave your pets behind, make sure that they have an ample supply of food. If you are going away for quite a long time, perhaps it is best to have one of your friends look after them.


After all of the above, all that is left to do is pack. Check the current weather conditions and season of the country you are going to. This will aid you in packing the appropriate clothes for your travel. There are already several information regarding packing hacks that you can find online. Some may recommend that you use travel capsules, while others will show you how to properly fold all your clothes to fit in your luggage. Aside from clothes, make sure also that your luggage is durable and resilient because who knows how many more travels you will spend together.



Leaving the country either for business or vacation can both be exciting and exhausting. Of course it is exhilarating to be in a new territory and explore its beauty. It can also be tiresome to put up with the bumps that you may encounter along the way. Nevertheless, if you tick off the to-do list above before you travel, there will be a greater chance that your traveling experience will be smooth and flawless.