8 Tips for Flaunting Your Style: This Is What Makes Cocktail Rings to Irresistible

Women wear cocktail rings to get noticed. These accessories are designed to be bold and eye-catching. As long as they meet these criteria, anything goes. Be sure to choose one that demonstrates your individuality while flaunting your style. Women have been wearing cocktail rings since the 1920s. Everyone wanted to draw attention to themselves during this time of great societal change, and fancy accessories were an easy way to do so. Today, they are considered a fashion staple, and women find the rings can be worn anytime and anywhere. The following are some tips to keep in mind every time you don this accessory.

Which Hand?

Women tend to put cocktail rings on their right hand, as their left hand is reserved for the engagement and wedding rings. They don't want anything to compete with their bridal jewelry, which is easy to understand. These pieces deserve a special place on the hand as they are a symbol of the woman's most important relationship in her life. However, there is no hard-and-fast rule that says a cocktail ring can't be worn on the left hand. It's all a matter of personal preference.

Single women and those who prefer not to wear an engagement and/or wedding ring will find they can wear cocktail rings on any finger of the left hand. Those who do choose to accessorize with their wedding jewelry may choose to accentuate another finger on the same hand with a cocktail ring. Try different looks to see the one you are most comfortable with. In fact, these rings can be worn on both hands simultaneously if this is appealing to you. Don't hesitate to get help from adinasjewels.com if you want to know more about these rings and the different styles available.

Regardless of which hand the ring is worn on, make sure your hands are clean and groomed. Invest in a manicure before wearing the ring, and choose a nail polish color that complements the gemstones. You don't want your nails competing with the gems in the ring for attention. Ensure the hands are smooth and soft, so if somebody wishes to get a better look at the ring, you won't be embarrassed to let them hold your hand. Dry, cracked skin can draw attention away from the ring, and this is not the effect you are after.


One thing women need to recognize is their personal style is their own. Simply because someone says a cocktail ring must be worn a certain way doesn't make this statement true. Don't hesitate to try different color combinations or different rings with the same outfit. You may want a unified look from top to bottom or go with a ring in a contrasting color to give the outfit some pop. It's all a matter of what look you are going for on any given day. There is no set of rules that must be followed when it comes to the jewelry you wear.

In addition, sizes, shapes, colors, and materials should be played around with. Some women prefer a traditional look, one that incorporates large gemstones or other conventional patterns with filigree settings. Others opt for a ring that incorporates unusual materials, such as beads or fabric. While many women go with more traditional cocktail rings for formal occasions and keep unconventional materials reserved for less formal events, this doesn't have to be the case. If you choose to wear an unconventional cocktail ring to a formal event, just make certain all jewelry worn is carefully thought out and matched.

Which Finger?

Next, women want to know which finger they should wear their new accessories on. This depends in large part on the ring selected. For instance, large rings with oversized designs overwhelm small fingers such as the pinkie finger. Choose to wear this piece on one of the long fingers. For those rings that are large and round, the middle finger tends to be best, as this gives the design room to sit centered on the hand as opposed to hanging off one side.

Pinkie fingers need small cocktail rings. A large ring looks heavy and uncomfortable. Depending on the size, it might hide the entire finger completely and look out of place. The easiest way to decide which finger to wear each ring on is to experiment with different looks. By doing so, you will likely find you discover a new way to use these accessories, one that you never thought of before playing around with them.

Stone Options

If you want a ring that can be worn with multiple outfits, select one with only one stone. This stone becomes the focus of the ring and allows it to be worn with several different looks. When multiple stones are present in the ring, it may look tacky when paired with certain outfits. However, it is best to avoid cubic zirconia in this type of ring. It tends to be very obvious that the stone is fake in this situation. This isn't always true, so a woman will need to examine the ring carefully to determine if she is comfortable with the appearance before buying.

Color plays a role in which stone should be chosen as well. Women who prefer a romantic look will want to go with lighter colored stones. Dark-colored stones offer a dramatic look and appear more expensive. Again, this is a general guideline rather than a rule, so don't hesitate to try different rings to see which ones you love and will want to wear regularly.


If you have never worn a cocktail ring before, it may feel strange on your hand the first time you put one on. Wear this ring with confidence. Don't worry about what others think or whether they approve. The goal of this jewelry is to draw attention to the wearer, so make sure you flaunt it. It's a great conversation piece and can easily break the ice when you are meeting someone new. There is no need to come up with something to talk about, as the ring provides the opening needed to start talking. Show it off and simply enjoy the attention.


Take into account where the ring will be worn when making a purchase. For instance, sculptural or architectural cocktail rings work best for the office, as opposed to those that are bold or loud. They are too gaudy for this type of setting. Go with something more reserved in business settings.

On the other hand, bold and bright rings are perfect for a formal night on the town. They can take an otherwise plain outfit, such as the little black dress, and give it the flair it needs for a black-tie event. If you love unusual rings, ones with a quirky feel, save those for a night out on the town with friends or brunch at an up-and-coming restaurant. Dressing up jeans and a casual shirt is easy when you wear a cocktail ring at times such as these.


An important element to take into consideration when selecting cocktail rings is comfort. These rings are oversized in nature, which means they can be uncomfortable for some women. The ring might be too heavy or some women find them to be tight on the finger. Certain women have small hands and cocktail rings don't sit well on their hands as a result. These problems don't have to be an issue. Simply try several rings until you find those that you can wear easily for extended periods of time. Never assume you must bypass this popular fashion trend. With so many styles to select from, there is no reason to go to this extreme.

Another thing to consider when choosing a cocktail ring is the material used in its construction. Inexpensive metals may lead to allergic reactions for some women, such as those who have a nickel allergy. Review the materials before buying any ring so this doesn't become an issue for you.


Don't assume these rings are unaffordable due to their size. While these rings are much larger than other finger adornments, steps have been taken to make them within the reach of all women. For example, cocktails rings often come in silver or plated gold to help keep costs down. Imitation or affordable gemstones add the splash of color that makes these rings so popular, and the combination of stones in some rings allows them to stand out. The oversized gem makes this a focal point of any outfit, thanks to the unusual cuts and striking colors used in their creation.

Don't overlook cocktail rings when you go to purchase new accessories this year. With many styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to choose from, there is a ring for every outfit in your closet. Be sure to check out styles you normally wouldn't buy. When doing so, you might find a ring you love that you otherwise would have overlooked. In fact, this piece may become a new favorite that you will want to wear all the time. You'll never know until you try.