8 Ways to Boost Your Testosterone


Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in your body that performs different distinct functions. These functions are responsible for your overall body health. It is a form of a steroid hormone that is produced in your testicles. Men have high levels of testosterone hormones than females.


The key functions of testosterone are evident during adolescence. It is responsible for the deepening of your voice, increased muscle and growth of your beard. Testosterone levels drop as you age, making it important to maintain the right amounts of testosterone levels while maturing.



At these levels, some crucial functions such as sexual activity, body composition and disease prevention are optimized. The optimal testosterone levels in the blood of a healthy individual should be between 300 to 900 nanograms per deciliter.


Fortunately, there are ways both natural and conventional that will assist your body manufacture more testosterone. Drug companies are already marketing some of their products, but beware of the side effects of conventional drugs which can interfere with the natural ability of your body to manufacture this hormone. Let us take a look at some of the natural ways to increase the levels of testosterone in your body.

1. Get enough sleep

Sleep is very important for your general health. Many research findings have been published to provide some facts on how there is a link between sleep time and the testosterone levels in your blood. Getting enough good quality sleep has an effect on the level of testosterone. It is proven that sleeping for 8-10 hours is the best for maintaining the required testosterone levels.


One research study showed that for every hour you sleep, testosterone levels increased by 15%. The reverse is also true, you sleep for less hours and the levels drop by the same percentage. Having a good night sleep is a natural method to improve your health at no cost.

2. Take natural testosterone boosters

These natural boosters come in handy, especially if you have dropping levels of testosterone. Considering the vital functions they perform in your body, some of these boosters have natural ingredients, which means no side effects compared to conventional drugs. The testosterone booster should include ginger in the ingredients.


Despite it having other health benefits, it increases the levels of testosterone being manufactured in your adrenal glands. Some studies have even suggested that it can boost those levels by 17%. One of those boosters that has proven its ability in increasing your testosterone levels is TestoGen. It is very natural.

3. Take foods rich in vitamins and minerals

Different vitamins have different roles in our bodies. Research is what is required to accurately pinpoint the crucial roles in increasing your testosterone levels. Zinc is one of those minerals that is capable of increasing the natural levels of testosterone. That’s according to this research findings, it boosts the testosterone levels in athletes.


Vitamins D, A, C, and E have all shown promising signs of increasing the levels of this hormone, but further research data and publishing will shed some light in the future. Vitamin D and zinc are the best in increasing the levels of testosterone in your bloodstream.

4. Reduce stress levels

Stress has been linked to an increase in the hormone cortisol. This hormone has the opposite effects of testosterone hormone. Cortisol is known to increase fat accumulation in your body, you will also increase your food intake and all these reduce the levels of testosterone in your bloodstream.


You should reduce stress levels by practicing a healthy lifestyle like eating a balanced diet and regular exercise. An increase in the cortisol hormone leads to a decrease in the testosterone levels.

5. Exercise

It is common knowledge that exercising is good for your health. Exercise makes your body burn excess fats and by sweating, you remove wastes through your skin. In this way, you stay fit and it also increases the level of testosterone in your bloodstream. It is advisable to go for a jog or even do some light weight lifting to stay fit and maintain the levels of testosterone in your blood.

6. Avoid alcohol and other drugs

Alcohol has been linked to low immunity levels and decreased levels of the hormone testosterone. One of the notable findings and published by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse is that alcohol use affects the glands that produce these hormones.


In this research, they have indicated the possible mechanisms through which alcohol damages the glands leading to low testosterone levels.

7. Medication

Some medicines you take might be the reason you are experiencing low levels of testosterone. You must read the instruction leaflet, especially the part on contraindications and side effects. Some medication like statins, which are used to lower cholesterol levels.


They can be responsible for low testosterone levels in your blood. I have based this fact on this research finding that was published. Find out more information on the internet before consuming such medication.

8. Balanced diet

Avoid overeating and consuming sugary foods. This eating habit leads to weight accumulation and consequently low levels of testosterone. Eat a balanced diet complete with fiber, vitamins and proteins. It is good for maintaining optimal levels of testosterone and also the overall health of your body. Eat only what you need to prevent accumulation of fats in your body.


There are many ways to boost your testosterone levels naturally. Given the body reaction to certain drugs. You should seriously consider the natural options. The leading factors contributing to low testosterone levels are stress, overeating, and lack of exercise. You should avoid these factors for a good overall health. Some of the natural boosters are supported by research findings. Ensure you only opt for the best way for increasing the levels of testosterone in your body.