9 Stunning Kitchen Ideas That Will Blow You Away

A stunning kitchen makes you want to spend more time preparing meals instead of eating out. Again, even when you do not want to, you might find yourself spending most of your time in the kitchen preparing healthy meals for your family. As such, you need to give your kitchen a makeover that will blow your mind away.

You do not need to hire a professional for simple stunning kitchen designs such as painting. However, where you need to change a countertop or replace other major elements in your kitchen, you need to hire a professional. Read on to learn more. 

Stunning Kitchen Design Ideas

Stunning Kitchen Ideas That Will Blow You Away

1.     Bold Kitchen Cabinets


Your kitchen cabinets make a statement with their color and their design. Being one of the largest elements in your kitchen, its design sets the look and feel of your kitchen. Because replacing the cabinets is a costly investment, you can give them a fresh look by painting them in bold and beautiful colors.

Besides painting, you can use glass doors for your cabinets. Glass doors are ideal for small kitchens as it makes them appear larger. Even better, with a glass door, you can see ingredients without having to label your doors. Another way to make your cabinets bolds and achieve stunning modern kitchen designs is to fix stylish door handles and knobs. 

2.     Add a Kitchen Island or Make the Existing Island Stunning

The kitchen island sits in the middle of your kitchen. If there is no kitchen island, consider installing one as it will not only make your kitchen look more stunning but you can also use it to prepare food to be cooked and store cutlery. The island is used to cut, chop, and dice vegetables and meat. There are many ways to make your kitchen island design starting with color. Bold and beautiful colors that match or contrast the kitchen décor will make your kitchen island stand out.

You can also add standout stools, use mirrored surfaces, center the island in place, combine storage with seating, or install custom kitchen designs.

3.     Stunning Kitchens Countertops

From the cabinets, the countertops make the next greatest impact on the look and feel of your kitchen. A stunning kitchen countertop will set the mood and bring out the personality of the kitchen. You can try marble, granite, or go for the long-lasting Caesarstone quartz. If you need the look of natural stone, marble and granite are ideal. If you need bold and stunning colors and patterns, quartz is your best choice.

Check out this article from Caesarstone for a comparison of quartz and quartzite.

4.     Upgrade Appliances

The latest appliances are not only efficient but also look sleek. To give your kitchen a complete makeover, you can install the latest appliances such as a rice cooker, air fryer, dishwasher, microwave, and many more. Some stunning modern kitchen appliances come in bold colors for those who need to create a bold kitchen.

5.     Redo Your Kitchen Floor for a Stunning Modern Kitchen

One of the ways to achieve stunning kitchen designs is to replace old kitchen floors with modern designs. Today, you can choose from many kitchen flooring choices including hardwood, vinyl, ceramic, and tiles among others. Hardware floors are ideal when you need durable and stain-resistant options. However, your budget will determine the option you choose. Like any other element in your kitchen, you can choose bold colors and patterns for the flooring to create stunning modern kitchen designs.

6.     Add Stylish Lighting Fixtures

Stunning Kitchen Ideas That Will Blow You Away

Stylish lighting fixtures over your kitchen island or on the sidewalls will make your kitchen bold. If your budget allows, you can hang a chandelier at the center of your kitchen. You can also use bold colors for the kitchen lighting fixtures such as shiny zinc or any other bold and beautiful color.

If your cabinets have glass doors or have glass above the doors, you can install decorative lights inside to add a touch of stunning designs.

7.     Consider Rustic Stunning Kitchen Design Ideas

Stunning Kitchen Ideas That Will Blow You Away

Do you love vintage kitchen designs? When well-designed a vintage kitchen will blow your mind away. If you are remodeling your kitchen on a budget, adding interesting wood and other rustic colors will create a country feel and look that makes the kitchen vintage. Today, it is easy to achieve a wooden look with quartz countertops. Besides wood, you can create unique brickwork along with marble or quartz countertops. Brickwork brings out a rustic look that makes your kitchen stand out. 

8.     An All-White Kitchen Lives On

So many bold and stunning kitchen designs have come and go, but the all-white kitchen still stands. A white kitchen not only looks cool and peaceful but also looks luxurious. If you need a kitchen that makes a statement without replacing any appliance or fixtures, paint everything in your kitchen white. Not only is the makeover affordable but also ideal for any kitchen.

If you do not want an all-white kitchen, you can contrast with white and still have the same great effect. Black or a bold and bright color added on one of the kitchen elements such as kitchen island cabinets will bring out a stunning look.

9.     Create a Minimalist Kitchen

A minimalist kitchen will save on your kitchen remodeling budget but it will also look stunning. Minimalistic stunning kitchens have less clutter. Instead, besides functional aspects of a kitchen, the only other thing they might have is a string of hanging lights. This design is great when you need to create more space in a small kitchen. Creating a minimalist kitchen is like creating a functional kitchen; anything needed in the kitchen is retained and anything not needed is discarded.


There are thousands of stunning kitchen design ideas online; just pick what looks stunning to you and run with it. A stunning modern kitchen is both functional and appealing. Installing major kitchen elements such as countertops, cabinets, and major kitchen appliances require the help of a professional. These installations are major investments and you wouldn’t want to mess them following DIY videos. However, simple tweaks and simple installations such as light fixtures can easily be installed without the need for a professional.