A Comprehensive Guide to controlling and preventing Grey Squirrels Infestation in your Home

Something is rustling in your loft or attic and you suspect grey squirrels. These little cuties are adorable, but they’re incredibly destructive and distressing creatures to have in your property. According to Responsible Pest Control, squirrels, rats, and other rodents gnaw nearly everything, contaminate surfaces, and make disturbing noises at night – this can be very distressing.

The dangers of gray squirrel infestations

Gray squirrels are widely appreciated for their grace and cuteness, the pest control and management industry understands that there are times when aggressive control of these pests is necessary. Here is why. 

  • They chew on ceilings and woodwork

  • They can tear up your property’s fiberglass insulation 

  • Strip or gnaw insulation from electric cable

  • Contaminate cold water tanks and surface with their droppings and urine

Often, gray squirrels associate with human food, and that implies that they can approach people sometimes. Though it is rare for these creatures to attack humans, some of the people are still afraid of them. In allotments and gardens, they eat fruits, dig holes in your lawn to store their food, and raid nests of small birds. 

Tips to keep gray squirrels off your home 

Experts say it’s easier to prevent squirrel infestation than exterminating them. Habitat management such as cutting tree branches overhanging your home is a great place to begin. Also, trimming dense ivy could also help keep gray squirrels away from your property. 

Next, seal all possible entry points. For instance, block all entrance holes and gaps with tight, wedged mesh or metallic plates. Though sounds easy, sealing your home to keep rodents out is a challenging task and must be handled by professionals. 

To protect your trees, get them fitted with metal sleeves. This should be about 0.75 cm deep and the bottom edge should be about 1.5 m above the ground. Make sure the metallic surface is smooth to prevent the gray squirrels from gaining a toehold. 

Is DIY squirrel control recommended?

Though you can do many things to control squirrel infestation, a DIY approach is likely to be ineffective. This means that these creatures will continue multiplying and causing further damage to electrical wires, woodwork, and contaminating water. The moment you realize you’re sharing a roof with the gray squirrels, don’t be blinded by their innocence and cuteness. They’re potentially destructive and that means it’s time to contact an expert in squirrel control. 

Find the right squirrel control expert

As with rodents and other pest infestations, it is important to get a professional in pest control inspect your property and determine the extent of a gray squirrel infestation. Once all squirrels and rodents in your home have been exterminated, the expert can help seal all the entry points that could allow these animals into your home. Some of the control techniques that experts use include live capture traps, spring traps, and drey poking.  Remember, you must first do your homework just to be sure you’re working with the right professional.