A Guide to Purchasing High-Quality Furnishings for Your New Home

Even before you are able to move into a newly purchased home, you have to consider how you will furnish it. While you may be happy to decorate it with existing furniture and personal effects, there is nothing like shopping for pieces to put in a new living space. As you choose what specific look you want to achieve in each room, you need to know what kinds of signature furnishings are going to be featured. In the living room, it might be an oversized recliner or an antique mahogany coffee table. Kitchen cabinets are nearly always the star of the show, so consider having your cabinets refinished or replaced. Next up are the best ways for new homeowners to research fine furniture options.

Knowing How to Identify Quality Furniture

What is it that makes a piece of furniture quality? Is it the price tag, the manufacturer, the style, or something else? High-quality furniture features fine craftsmanship. These are the pieces that are made by hand instead of on an assembly line. Wood furniture pieces that feel solid and sturdy instead of furnishings made with corrugated wood products are high quality. Sofas stitched with the most luxurious of cloth instead of polyester blends are what you want to purchase for your home. So, don’t always assume that reasonably priced furniture is going to be lacking. Look into what manufacturers are known for their carpentry and upholstering skills when researching home furnishings.

Furniture Types and Styles

When comparing home furnishings, you should be aware of the styles and varieties you intend on purchasing for your home. For example, homeowners looking for real cherry wood dining room sets need to know if they prefer aged wood over, lighter, more recently sourced hardwood. Someone who wants a custom-built sectional sofa is going to have to decide between leather and cloth. Even with that, there are going to be different types of quality material that can be used. Contemporary furniture might be more readily available than antiques, but that doesn’t guarantee that it will be lower in price. Also, consider whether you will eventually be looking to change or upgrade your home interior. If you don’t plan on remodeling in, say, 10 years, then it is definitely better to get the best quality furnishings you can afford right now.

Determining Your Home Furnishing Budget

A brand-new couch can cost a couple hundred dollars or a few hundred thousand. Again, an expensive sofa may not be any more comfortable than a cheaper option. Neither comfort nor style is determined by price, but you are going have to be extremely well-versed in spotting quality. Do you know what furniture brands are highly regarded? Do you need your new furniture to come with a warranty or satisfaction guarantee?

To ensure that you get the quality furniture you want to have in your house, it is critical to have a budget worked out. Have a total amount of money you plan to spend on all home furnishings, then decide approximately how much individual piece should cost you. So, if you want to spend no more than $5,000 furnishing your home and you have four rooms that you want to furnish, you could break down your budget by spending a maximum of $1,200 per room. On the other hand, you could purchase key pieces like an oak kitchen table and a matching hutch then spend the remainder of your budget on minor furnishings like end tables.

Choosing Furniture For Each Specific Room

Really, the amount that you spend on furniture is going to depend on the room itself. For the bathroom, you might not have very much furniture to purchase at all. To fully furnish the living room, you can spend several thousand dollars easily. Figure out what rooms you want to focus on initially. A lot of homeowners choose the living areas as well as the master bedroom first. Consider that after purchasing a home you will really want your living quarters to be comfortable. In addition to a headboard, dressers, and nightstands, you may have an area in your bedroom for reflection, reading, and relaxation. A high-quality lounge chair, a bookshelf or a small entertainment center may be just what you need to purchase for your bedroom to make it feel like home.

Recreating Existing Pieces

High-quality furniture needn’t be purchased brand new or even in perfect condition. There’s reclaimed wood that you can use to build your very own custom dining room table or a retro couch that can be reupholstered. Visit garage sales, go to used furniture stores, and attend estate sales if you want quality furniture that will be of a higher quality without paying full price. Old wood furniture can be sanded and restained to bring out its natural beauty. Even furniture with flaws and missing hardware can be fixed up and refinished. Don’t feel like you have to buy your signature piece from traditional furniture stores, especially if you don’t have a contemporary aesthetic.

Good quality furniture lasts for many, many decades, and it is often passed on to and inherited by future generations. Think about how great of an investment you will make by purchasing furniture that is built to last instead of just looking fashionable. Certain materials such as solid wood and leather have long been used for furniture because it is known to last. Metal furniture made of iron and steel is also known for its durability.

Avoid going to just one store to purchase your furnishings if you plan to utilize different styles and materials in your home. More importantly, try not to rush the process. It might take several months to fully furnish your home even if you have the money to purchase everything today. Think about purchasing each piece of furniture set individually instead of doing one-stop shopping. It took time to find the home of your dreams and close on it, so remember that it just may take even longer to get it fully furnished to your specifications.