A Revolution in Vision Correction – Laser Corneal Reconstructive Vision Correction for Better Vision

Dr. Motwani’s practice has the most experience in the U.S. doing the corneal repairs which has helped many patients avoid the need for corneal transplants.

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle often means our eyes are doing more work than ever before. Habits such as abundant screen time, reading with poor quality lighting, and/or simply not regularly checking and correcting our eye problems have made many people’s vision suffer.  The result is a number of people who need not just an optometrist but an excellent ophthalmologist. Astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness are common eye distortions that find a solution at the Lasik Institute of Dr. Motwani. Moreover, the institute specializes in more complex eye problems that bring in many with “unfixable” diagnoses who are desperate to regain their vision.

Dr. Manoj Motwani is a laser vision correction specialist who is also a visionary leader in his field. He has developed techniques for corneal reconstructive repairs while continuing to research, write, share, and most importantly, help more.

“Number one thing right now is the topographic guided ablation which is a procedure that looks at irregularities of the eye and selectively decreases and removes those irregularities in the cornea, the main focusing part of the eye. The technique I developed utilizes a new system that was FDA Approved, but not enough was known about it to fully understand it.  I developed a new protocol, and a new set of theories about how eyes focus vision and process it in the brain, and by reducing the irregularities we see something that would be closer to a machine than to a human.   The limiting factor of the eye then becomes the density of the nerve receptors in the retina, or what’s the megapixel of your retina,” explains Dr. Motwani.

With this technique 80 to 90 percent of his patients in his studies have been shown to achieve 20/15 vision, which is 50% better than the “ perfect” 20/20 vision, and many say their night vision is actually better than their corrected vision pre-surgery. The system that is used to treat these corneal anomalies is called the Wavelight Contoura System and only a certain number of doctors know how to perform the procedure. Dr. Motwani is not just one of the rare doctors in the world who do it, he is the only one of a few one who peform these procedures in the United States.

Although Topographic Guided Ablation was first invented in Germany, the LYRA Protocol (Layer Yolked Reduction of Astigmatism) was developed by Dr. Motwani, and fully harnesses the power of this technology to make the first procedure that has the potential to make someone who has never had laser surgery before to have vision better than normal, or better vision than can be achieved with glasses or soft contact lenses.

The same system can be used to repair and reconstruct the irregularities in those that have suffered from corneal irregularity caused by disease, by trauma, or by past surgery from RK/LASIK/PRK etc that had a poor outcome.  Dr. Motwani took what he learned and developed in the LYRA Protocol to corneal reconstructive repairs, and created and published the San Diego Protocol for corneal repair

“At this time, I’m one of the only people in the U.S. performing these corneal reconstructive repairs, and the only one in the western half of the U.S. For example, I can take someone with severe night vision problems and repair their eyesight. I can reconstruct their corneas so they don’t have that problem anymore“, says Dr. Motwani.

With him being one of the only specialists performing this unique laser technique, Dr. Motwani’s practice has some of the most experience in the US doing the corneal repairs which has helped many patients avoid the need for corneal transplants, and attain better vision when other solutions simply would not work.

We asked Dr. Motwani to recall some of his cases and share how he fixed the unfixable eye problems.

“I repaired the cornea of one fellow who had a scissors go through his cornea when he was a toddler.  We repaired the distortion in the cornea, corrected it, and he sees 20/25 out of an eye he had never seen with since then.. One patient experienced severe pain in her eyes when looking at headlights when she was driving at night. After I did a Contoura correction, for the first time in her life she was able to drive without having that problem,” remembers Dr. Motwani. “We have also eliminated chronic headache in a series of patients by removing the flaws in their cornea that their brain was straining to process” and repaired the night vision in patients with severe night glare and halos from past surgery.”

He has helped patients with problems that could not be fixed at any other place and prior to coming to his office many of them were making plenty of visits from one eye doctor to the next, and were searching for a specialist who can help them for years.

Helping so many people with the Contoura treatment and repairing severe irregularitiesin numerous cases made the name of Dr. Motwani more and more recognizable. Progressively more people from across the country are finding out that their eye problems can be helped in San Diego’s office of Dr. Motwani with his San Diego protocol.

“I made a conscience decision to show more of what I’m doing to people. It is that significant enough that it needs to go to the national scale. For that reason my new website http://cornearepair.com/ went live in January as a resource to surgeons and patients looking for someone to repair their corneas”, shared Dr. Motwani.

Dr. Motwani has been preforming refractive eye surgeries in San Diego since 1999 and he is constantly working on writing more articles and papers that will change the field of ophthalmology. He published 5 papers last year, and has already submitted two more this year for publication.