A White Affair in Home Decor

It is said that ‘Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication’ and interior designers are embracing that same idea with the ‘All-White’ home design trend. Just as fashion trends are derived from runways, the picturesque images of all-white designs are now entering homes, with the minimalistic aesthetic growing in popularity amongst homeowners.

white interior design decor

Although the aesthetic has captured the interest of modern interior designers, the all-white trend is nothing new to home design. As with most trends, the style is cyclical from the mid-90’s, a time period where the feverish 80’s were calming and society sought modernism. During this period, home design transitioned into something toned down and embraced the aesthetics of Greek, Japanese, Scandinavian and Moroccan interiors. While the all-white trend embodied the zeitgeist, the once-popular style has revived into current interior designs thanks to visual inspirations from Instagram and Pinterest.

Apart from social media, the trend also stemmed from the 2014 bestselling novel, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Society marveled in Marie Kondo’s feng shui how-to and while the underlying concept of keeping a clean space seems palpable, the idea of decluttering has transcended into home design. The design can be perceived as cost-effective, for less becomes more when decorating.white interior design decor

It can also be surmised that embracing a white décor can make the home design process easier. Rather than have the essence of the home rely on costly possessions and decorations, a white blueprint can allow homeowners to highlight the architectural details of their home. Clean, sleek and free of chaos, the white design embodies equanimity a home is expected to convey.

At first glance, an all-white design can seem bland and lack the charisma homeowners would yearn for their space to have. But with a closer look, the design can offer sophistication, timelessness and the modern refinement needed to make any home luxurious and glam. From white couches to luminescent lighting, a white focus elevates a space into a classic ambiance that can mirror that of Cinderella’s glass slipper.

While popular and visually appealing, the all-white trend can vary if strategically designed. Adding certain elements such as rugs, dining essentials, pillows, etc. in different tones can add dimension throughout the space. The use of texture such as furry rugs and silk linen can also elevate the design into something more luxe. While complimenting the space with neutral colors such as teal or mustard rids monotony from existing throughout the space. The white design should be perceived as the home’s whipped cream awaiting the embellishments of a few colorful sprinkles to stand out.white interior design decor

A home may be where the heart is, but the white trend is transitioning a home into embodying a new role. Rather than just being a private space, an all-white trend makes a home a blank canvas in which homeowners can have the artistic freedom to convey luxury in simple details.