A student guide to community living spaces in NYC

In the past few years, there have been 10 co-living companies set up in New York. The trend is not new and is very simple. To many, it is known as adult dorms, albeit there may be truth to that. At a very basic level, it means living with people you do not know. However, the upside to this is that you will only be responsible for your room and not the entire apartment.


Since 2012 co-living has taken off in NYC and the market has now become rather competitive and lucrative. It offers flexibility to occupants and may be ideal for younger people. Co-living is based on the notion of togetherness and commitment-free living. It enables people to live on a budget, with fewer responsibilities and the freedom to leave whenever they want. Often house cleaning and the internet are included in the fee.


Three categories of Co-living


There are three categories of co-living: luxury accommodation, boutique, and budget. Young people and students are taking well to this new phenomenon of living with roommates. People searching for apartments in New York have said that the process is daunting however, co-living offers a simple solution to this battle. You will get an individual room in most cases, at a set premium. Students may find that this is ideal for them as they get to interact with various people from all walks of life.


Co-living for students

The responsibility of keeping house falls on each individual and not just one person, which is something that appeals to students and millennials. It is also a good alternative to dorm room living as it offers students the freedom they desire and many perks such as access to parties and events, gyms and yoga, pools and many other amenities. Students can experience big city living while paying a minimal fee and having the opportunity of living in a community at the same time. This is especially inviting for youngsters as they often feel the need to belong. They may also find that with some co-living companies like Outpost Club, they have the option of being grouped with people in the same age group as them or even those who are students themselves. On top of having an awesome place to stay, they have the opportunity of networking and making new friends.  


Five reasons to opt for co-living

1.    Sometimes co-living can be cheaper than dorms and other student housing facilities.

2.    No rules which means you get to experience independent living and make your own decisions.

3.    Co-living will inevitably cause young people to become responsible as it offers a real-life experience that you can build on when your student life is over.

4.    You will have more space. It is basically a whole apartment that is at your disposal whereas dorms merely consist of one big living area.

5.    You will have lots of fun. Students want to have fun and have a good experience while on campus. Co-living will allow them to enjoy the bond of friendship while also having fun events to attend.


Co-living or community living is a good idea for students as it propels them to become responsible adults while still enjoying their campus experience.