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Are you thinking of what affordable engagement gifts for best friends, work colleagues or distant relations? Right here is a wide collection you can choose from.

Congratulations on that engagement are in order with unique and affordable engagement gifts for couples. All you need is to know, where to look and what you are looking for. You may ask, "why the stress? ", "do you buy a gift for an engagement party? “ It is not mandatory to give engagement gifts at an announcement, but if there is an engagement party, it's only normal.

There are a few things to consider before getting engagement gifts for the couple. These include your relationship to them, what they really need, its value to them and your pocket! There will still be the bridal shower and actual wedding gifts to buy, so prudence in spending is really important.


As such, buy cheap engagement gifts that are unique and budget friendly without emptying your pockets. By cheap, we don't mean inferior, because gifts should be cute but durable, as we will see below!

  • Future Wine

This gift is one of faith, hope, and solidarity that the love of the bride and groom will stand the tests of time. Future wine are gifts for couples who have everything. We hope they will always be happy enough to sit and share a bottle of wine in years to come. This bottle of Domaine Drouhin Oregon Pinot Noir for $42.99 on would last between 3 to 10 years. They could open it on the 5th or 10th wedding anniversary.

  • Potted Herbs


Get living potted herbs for the happy bride and groom. For funny engagement gifts, this makes the list, because a lot of couples won't know what to do with potted herbs. But they serve so many uses in the home which the couple will always be thankful for. Keep the pot of herbs by the kitchen window and always wake up to an intoxicating breath of fresh air. Use these herbs for food and general health. Get Melisa’s sweet tamarind for $3.36 Walmart.

  • Embroidered Linens

These are great unique engagement gifts for a newly engaged couple. Six Piece Lot of Color Compatible Vintage Delicate Embroidered Linens - Buffet Linens and Tea Linens goes for $2.95 on Etsy. Embroidered items are not limited to these. You can also gift custom-made pillowcases and bed sheets by buying them plain and giving it to a seamstress. You can pick out your choice embroidery patterns and the bedsheets and pillowcases are transformed.

  • Custom-Made Sleep Pillows


Love All around Collage throw pillows which sell at $21.96 on Etsy is a perfect custom-made throw pillow gift. Imagine waking up to the face of that special one even when they are not there. Make his and hers pillow filled with loved pictures of the happy couple and splash all over both pillows. Single switched face of the groom to her pillow and the face of the bride to his pillow.

  • His and Hers Flasks

For the best of his and hers flasks, try "two of a kind just between us gold faceted flasks" from Kate Spade. Kate Spade engagement gifts are unique, so fanciful and the in thing. Gifting a couple with these $40.00 flasks is gifting them luxury. One they could take with them on honeymoon, hiking journey, camping or even a show up at work. There is nothing like having a matching water flask handy and on the go.

  •   High-Quality Sheets

Giving a couple a fresh start in the bedroom is always a plus. California Design Den: has luxe sateens to crisp percales, every set of their sheets is crafted using the finest materials, superb craftsmanship, and eco-friendly production processes. You can find these linens through retailers like Nordstrom Rack, Wayfair, Amazon; you can also check out their storefront here.

  • Dinner Basket for Two

Give the couple a feast to go back to after the whole engagement party fiesta with a dinner basket for two. A package like Amore Italian gourmet pasta dinner for two on Amazon at $69.99 is the real deal. The items include; Handmade Rainbow Angel Hair Pasta, Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce Mix, Tuscan Style Herb Dip Mix, Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Sweet Italian Amoretti Cookies, Sonoma Cheese Straws, Merlot Wine Cheddar Cheese Spread, Los Olivos Wine and Cheese Biscuits and Premium Tuscany Seasoned Olives. All wrapped up in a handcrafted bow ties basket!

  • Dessert Package

You want to give the couple a night of sweet decadence or an unforgettable midnight snack package? Get them desserts! A dulcet dessert package from Amazon cost $55.99 and comes with everything to make you happy. Talk about the premium Dulcet Gift Basket Deluxe Gourmet which Includes Assorted Brownies, Crumb Cakes Rugelach, and Muffins. What a way to end a beautiful and long day other than this basket of goodness!

  • His and Hers Luggage Tags

Prepare your favorite couple for their honeymoon by gifting them a custom made his and hers tag. These Black and Gold His and Her Luggage Tags from New look cost only $4.00. They are classic, durable and stylish. You can customize them by engraving the names, address and public phone numbers of the couple on it. This enables easy identification and return of their luggage if they get misplaced.

  • His and Hers Mug Set

How close are you to the couple? Do they love to take a cup of tea or coffee before their day begins? Make it more special for them by getting them a “his and hers mug set”. Try out the Clapton his and hers 90oZ stacked 2 piece teacup set by Le Prise. It retails on Wayfair for $15.99 and is a great way to increase bonding between the engaged couple.

  • Bracelets

Give the couple a something to mark a symbol of their love, even before they begin the journey to forever. A set of I Choose You his and her Bracelet made of Stainless Steel at $29.28 on Etsy is a great sample. Customize by engraving them with the names of the couple. Find out their best love quotes to each other and have the engravings on the bracelets. This is a beautiful way of carrying their love around

  • His and Hers Photo Album

Give the couple a medium of preserving some memories with GiftsForYouNow Engraved Couple's Wood Photo Album. It goes for $29.98 on Amazon and Holds 72, 4" x 6" Photos. The couple can have the album customized with their own names on the cover. Pictures of adventures the couple have been on, beautiful places visited and future good times will find a resting safe house in the album. It is also durable and will last for years   

  • Tote Bags

Cute tote bags like Engagement Gift off the Market Tote Bag at $10.95 from Etsy can get the bride excited. Give her something to carry her personal effects on by sending her a tote bag with all of your love. Personalize it by printing the name of the bride on the bag. Pen a personal message, drop it in and add a bottle of wine for the happy hour.

  • Engraved Ice Bucket

Help the new couple start up their home by gifting them an Ice bucket. An ice bucket will serve the couple on their engagement party and for years to come. This bucket will attend the family gets together, family picnics and meals in their home. Make this even special for them by going a step further to engrave their names or initials on it. The personalized Ice bucket by snack maker on Etsy is great and goes for $12.00.

  • His and Hers Sleep Robes

Give the couple a sleep set for their honeymoon by getting them a matching sleep set as engagement gifts. Pick beautiful colors but keep them simple unless you know the couple really well and what they love. An exceptional one is his and hers matching flannel PJ navy blue button up and front collar 2 pieces from toggedapparel. They are gorgeous, easy on the skin, comfortable, durable, soft, and retail at the cost of $48.00.

  • Loved-Up Couple Frame

Couples will love to adorn their homes with loved-up pictures of them. Give them a romantic frame like Kiera Grace Collage Picture Frame from Amazon. It is 10 by 30 Inch, Holds 4- 4 by 6 Inch photos and retails at $18.99. It is simple yet very present. Couples can fit in their pictures into the frame. You can also engrave the photo frame with their initials and engagement date. Looking at it gives satisfaction.

  • Cake Knife and Server Set

This is more than just a gift because you are helping them start up their home. This set will be of use long after the wedding is over. They are useful for baby christenings, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and other milestones that the growing family will record along the way. Take a tip with Ivy-lane seashore 2-piece cake knife. It retails for an affordable price of $35.99.

  • Engagement Ring Dish

The happy couple will be glad to have a dish where they can keep rings after a day out. It is also safe for when the rings are not in use. This ring dish can also pass for a home decor and a storage for other pieces of jewelry. Make it worthwhile by engraving the first names of the couple just like happy little homeshop engagement ring dish. It is fancy, subtle, sturdy, delicate, and retails on Etsy for $15.00.

  • Bridal Emergency Kit

Prepare the bride for any emergency on her wedding day by gifting her an emergency kit. Check out this personal kit from Sephora which retails at $18.00. It contains cheap affordable gifts like; blotting tissues, Bobby pins, safety pins, hair spray, deodorant towelettes, stain remover, antacid, pain reliever, double-sided tape, breath freshener, mending kit, tampons, facial tissue, and every other thing gets the bride covered on her special day. This kit is a life saver.

  • Couple Keepsakes

These are beautiful, durable and fancy to hang around the house, on the wall, door or shelf. They could be custom made by having the names or initials of the couple sewn, attached or hand pressed into it. Their marriage date and personal love quotes will give it an additional lift. The Personalized Love Heart Engagement Hoop from Etsy is vintage, durable and beautiful. It retails at $16.78 and is a best seller.

  • His and Hers Champagne Flutes

Welcome the couple to a good life by gifting them a ‘his and hers champagne flutes set’. Away from using them at the engagement and at their wedding, this is a way to help them set their home. These flutes will stay one with them, long into their marriage. The Krazy case his and hers Champagne flutes on Amazon are beautiful and quite affordable. They retail under $20 at $16.78. Give them more reasons to celebrate.

  • Engagement Photos Calendar

An engagement photo calendar is a beautiful way to help the couple preserve their engagement memory. Get an engagement calendar, customize it by getting photos of the couple and sticking each of them to every month of the calendar. On their engagement month, stick on a loved-up photo of the couple and circle the date or put the date in color. A perfect one is Audubon engagement calendar by workman publishing which goes for $10.99 on Amazon.

  • Box of Cupcakes

Give the couple a treat with an affordable box of cupcakes. A great sample is the Engagement Mini Cupcakes which come with a selection of toppers including champagne, rings, busts, and tuxedos. This is put together by Black & Velvet and they retail at the price of $50.00 for 24 pieces. For the love of creativity, cupcakes could be homemade by you. Here you can go wild by putting the toppings in the initials or names of the couple.

  • Candle Holders

A beautiful romantic dinner is not complete without some candle holders. We believe that the engaged couple will always fall in love with each other every day. We also know that they will have many romantic dinners and relaxing evenings in the candlelight in years to come. That is why you will gift them candle holders like the Reverse Brass Bronze Pillar Holder from crate and barrel. This retails within the range of $14.95 - $59.95.

  • His and Hers Kitchen Utensils

A couple that cooks together........  The Zyliss Fruit and Vegetable Peelers 2 per Pack are cheap affordable gifts as they go for $9.99 on Amazon. The matching aprons are a very good idea but we want the couple to do the actual work. A fruit and vegetable peeler make the couple more involved. Gifts like these will make the couple kitchen time fun. It is also a way to help the new couple start out their new home.

  • Travel First Aid Kit

For $6.59, Anmeilu small travel first aid kit - 76 pieces clean on Amazon is yours. It is a very welcome engagement gift as it will be of great use to the couple. It is useful for the treatment of minor injuries at home, during the honeymoon, camping, hiking, outdoors and whatever emergency. A home must never be without one, it is a must-have. As it is often overlooked, you will be saving a life.


This is a collection of over 20 affordable engagement gifts above. Whatever type of engagement gifts you have on your mind, there is something that suits your budget. We have an array of cheap engagement gifts and not so cheap ones. But we assure you that they are all unique engagement gifts and will have the couple thanking you for a long time. You will always be in their hearts.