Adult Acne – Causes and Remedies

When Skin Teen Issues Appear in Your Thirties and Forties

The number of adults developing acne problems has been increasing in the last years and with that so are the solutions of how to take care of the problem. Approaching this skin condition has to start with trying to dig up any possible reason for why your skin is breaking out.-There are many reasons as why your skin might be acting up. The causes of acne can vary greatly from one person to another, and there are many reasons for it. That's why seeing a dermatologist can help you evaluate the root causes. 

Meet Some of the Causes:


We’ve all heard certain foods can trigger our body to react with breaking out more than the other. When trying to get some answers from a dermatologist on why your skin got acne at adult age, the very first question will be about your diet. Dairy, fried foods, sugar, pizza, and all that good stuff all have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to our skin. Sometimes the breakouts can be avoided with skipping to eat the food that irritated your skin but to make that discovery, you will have to track which food is covering your face, neck, arms, or sometimes even your back with zits and pimples. That can take a while, so load yourself with patience and start a food diary as that can help you not miss out on anything when dealing with this process. Even if the cause of your breakouts isn’t dietary related, continue with your investigation, but try to cut some of the food groups we named as well since a lot of dermatologists agree your skin is better off without them.


Women can get hit by hormonal fluctuation changes in so many different ways, and hormones bringing skin problems is one of them. Unfortunately, when hormones “attack” your chin, neck, back, and forehead, they attack hard in the form of painful cystic acne.


Blemishes can also appear as a reaction to climate change, especially if you put your body through the process of moving to a big city with poor air quality. Climate plays a significant role in how our skin will feel and react. Highly polluted areas are full of toxins that cause your skin to respond. The pollution can shock your skin producing a variety of forms of acne – whiteheads, blackheads, to more severe types like inflamed cysts or papules. Humidity can upset the skin by clogging up the pores and making your skin produce more oil. The same goes for the dry climate which forces the skin to produce oil after it got dried and oil is a perfect ground for growing breakouts.


Stress is another top reason to cause our skin to fight with producing more oil. Juggling with a lot of things at once accumulates stress and with no vent to get it out, our skin can show stress warning signs with breaking out.


Skin can get in a non-breathing situation if we use products that clog our pores. A lot of makeup products out there are not as skin-friendly as they should be to provide an acne-free environment. Make sure to check labels of any skin product your purchase and skip the non-comedogenic products.


Even if you have never had an acne problem, not even in your teen years, and your face is perplexed, there are steps we can all take to fight whatever caused the stubborn acne to pop up on our face. Here are some:


Looking for products that consist of either salicylic acid which helps with gentle exfoliation and unclogging pores or benzoyl peroxide which kills the bacteria and exfoliates the pores.


Not over-washing your face is vital. Getting rid of sebum, the oily secretion, will not be successful with drying our face out, it will only make the situation worse. Make sure to regulate the sebum production by hydrating our skin at the same time. That means looking for a product that aims for that. Depending on how moderate or severe your situation is, getting the right product has to be targeted for your skin type, and it’s best if discussed with a professional. Beauty magazines can recommend the newest product, but it could be something your skin won’t like or accept, and you don’t want another skin problem on top of the existing one.


Getting a facial can be very effective for those fighting blackheads, whiteheads, and acne that are not inflamed. Exfoliation can help and so can popping some of the pimples out. Cosmeticians are facial professionals, and they know skin, and what they are allowed to touch and whatnot. After corrective facial prepare yourself for a two or a three-day recovery and let your skin calm down.


Once gone, adult acne can leave scars and brown spots you are not used to seeing on your face. There are different methods for removing the brown spots – from home treatment regimen to micro-needling and laser options. Skin will take its time to regenerate and rejuvenate from battling acne in adult age.