Advantages Of Using Cannabis Oil

The secret is out! Cannabis products aren't as harmful as they were always thought out to be. If the recent reports are anything to go by, there are a ton of health benefits in store for anyone who takes cannabis. From cannabis-infused drinks, cookies, cakes, lozenges and so on, they not only taste delicious, but they serve to also keep various aspects of your system running normally. 

But what sets cannabis oil apart from the rest? It is quickly absorbed by the human system and its effects last so much longer. Many people want something that is effective and fast acting. Irrespective of whether you're taking it for recreational purposes or as an alternative prescription, cannabis oil holds the key to your needs health wise. 

Want to find out key health benefits of taking cannabis oil? Read on to find out. 

  • Promotes heart health

Owing to poor habits and environment degradation, a significant number of people suffer heart disease. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the UK. To stay on the safe side, you must maintain a healthy heart. This comes with life changes like eating healthy, staying active and fit, ditching poor habits such as cigarette smoking and by taking care of the environment. 

CBD oil comes in as a booster towards your efforts. CBD oil is known to help relive stress and regulate blood pressure. It also reduces blockage in the arteries and regulates cholesterol in the body. In the long run, the consumption of CBD oil is effective towards treating heart problems and maintaining optimum heart health. Cannabis oil can cure many skin diseases

  • Pain reliving and alleviates inflammation

Patients suffering from serious illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, fibromyalgia experience immense pain. Most of them have strayed from using conventional medicine and now prefer to use cannabis oil. Popularly known as CBD oil, this natural remedy has fewer side effects and is easy to use. 

Not only does it help cure chronic pain but CBD oil can also help alleviate inflammation. Research shows that this remedy works to protect the nerves from degradation caused by pain and inflammation. As a result, people diagnosed with heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, autoimmune disease among other conditions gain a new lease of life and a chance at normalcy. 

  • Battles drug-resistant bacteria

Ever had an infection that won’t go away? Or a serious condition that has rendered you fully dependent on drugs? It could be that you are resistant to some drugs. In isolated cases, people suffering from Tuberculosis are unable to respond to treatment due to resistance. But once they take CBD oil, their bodies are rewired to accept the treatment. 

In this case, CBD oil works by inhibiting the T-cell proliferation. This way, the bacteria attacking different systems in your body has nothing to attach to. In the near future, CBD oil may be the ultimate key in fighting health problems caused by drug-resistant bacteria. 

  • Alleviates epilepsy 

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that one is either born with or develops later develops in life. People diagnosed with epilepsy suffer constant seizures. If one is suffering from a case of severe or drug resistant epilepsy, they risk losing their life. 

Numerous studies have been conducted towards exploring CBD oil’s effects on epilepsy. Each one of the results showed impressive results. CBD oil is a viable treatment option in helping alleviate seizures caused by epilepsy. 

Patients as young as two years old as well as adults can use CBD oil safely. People who suffer psychiatric conditions, neuro-degradation or have been involved in accidents leading to neuronal injury can also benefit from CBD oil treatment.

  • Treats anxiety and depression 

Recent reports show that over 19% of people aged 16 years and above suffer depression and anxiety in the UK. People diagnosed with depression are discouraged from taking treatments containing high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol-TCH. This due to the fact that TCH does have psychoactive effects which may make the problem worse. 

However, most CBD oil products sourced from registered outlets or prescribed by licensed CBD specialists contain no more than 0.3% of TCH. This amount of TCH is barely enough to get you high. As such, CBD oil is a viable treatment option for people suffering conditions such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder-OCD, Post-traumatic stress disorder-PTSD, Social anxiety, general anxiety, panic attacks and so on. 

  • Used in treating Type 1 Diabetes 

Type 1 diabetes comes about when the immune system attacks the pancreas. Seeing as CBD oil is incredibly effective at reducing inflammation, clinical trials have proven that it is also great at treating Type 1 diabetes. If you’ve been diagnosed with this condition, you will find instant relief from regularly taking CBD oil. 

In various instances, CBD oil has been found effective in helping delay the advancement of Type 1 diabetes. Even more for people who have a genetic trait that could lead to them developing the disease in the future, CBD oil works to help protect against it. 

  • Assists addicts in recovery

Addicts suffer withdrawal if they go for too long without taking a particular substance. Addiction is a serious health issue that could cause immense physical and emotional suffering. If left unchecked, it could even lead to death. 

CBD oil can help addicts in recovery beat addiction. It works by alleviating withdrawal symptoms. Slowly but surely with the gradual use of CBD oil, smokers end up needing cigarettes less. Alcoholics, on the other hand, are able to go for longer without taking alcohol. Drug addicts experience increased calmness thanks to CBD oil’s therapeutic qualities. 

Addicts who take prescribed CBD oil, experience reduced cravings. The feel no pain, no insomnia, no mood swings, and minimal anxiety all of which come as part of withdrawal symptoms. CBD oil can indeed help reduce and prevent the effects of withdrawal in addicts. 

Bottom line 

Can everyone benefit from using CBD oil? Whether you are ingesting it or applying it topically, there’s enough proof that CBD oil is beneficial to everyone. However, if you are currently taking prescribed medications or you are pregnant, it is advisable to avoid taking CBD oil. Cannabis oil can cause drug interactions that can put your well being at risk. 

CBD oil, when taken under the watchful eye of a doctor can have positive effects. Above is a list containing a few of the near infinite benefits that come with taking CBD oil; it is a safe and natural substance whose full potential is yet to be appreciated.