After holiday decorations have been put away: how to brighten rooms in winter

Without a doubt, homes during the winter days have a short supply of brightness and light. This is perhaps because of the foggy and cloudy environment. Winter days are gloomy, cold and full of horrifying weather. Some people even believe that the days are short. Nonetheless, you can make most of the winter days sparkly. Below are a few approaches that can make a big difference in assisting you to brighten your rooms in winter. 

Maximize Your Light

On most occasions, people will only think of adding warmer, heavier curtains in winter. They forget to put in place transparent draperies that will let in natural light. Doing this is very important since it makes it possible to draw apart the heavier curtains to allow more light into the rooms. More so, it would also be appropriate to use brighter light bulbs in winter. It would also be more brightening to fix additional light bulbs. If they turn into a bother during the other bright seasons, you can use a dimmer to make sure that the room does not get too bright. 

Use Citrus Scents and Candles

Scents can also make a room brighter and lively. For instance, a potted citrus tree adds a crisp scent throughout the winter. Candles and diffusers can do the same. Using candles is also perfect for brightening a room with a fresh citrus scent. 

Create more openness 

Decluttering and rearranging your rooms may be a very effective and inexpensive way of making rooms brighter. Possibly, you may have a dedicated way of arranging your rooms specifically meant for the winter season. Once you create openness, a room feels bigger and brighter. As you rearrange the room, you could ensure that you replace dark surfaces with brighter ones. Some people even replace wooden and dark furniture with lighter and brighter pieces made of metal and glass.

Light From Below 

Interior décor experts suggest taking a clue from the design style of Nordic countries. In these countries, winter days are short and murky. Most residents of these countries paint wooden floors white or cream to a light a brightening shade inside rooms. Using a white or cream color on a floor enhances the reflection of available light across the room. It would be best to avoid dark rugs that may not be brightening. However, if your rooms are fitted with dark wooden tiles may require you to install brighter rugs. If you want to sell a house in winter, you can also install some white or cream lights on the floor. It will make the room bright and appealing to the buyer. 

Use Bright Slipcovers and Tablecloths

Using brighter slipcovers on your sofa or couch will help to make your sitting room brighter. Additionally, obtaining bright tablecloths for your dark tables will also be very helpful. Using heavy and light-colored linen tablecloth is a beautiful idea. It is worth noting that the thickness of the fabric can still bring a sense of warmth while the light color opens up space. Generally, if you plan to buy furniture in winter, choose those with brighter surfaces. 

These are only a few, effect and feasible ways of making your room bright in winter. The tips shared above will help make your rooms brighter and a little bit warmer for the winter season!