All the Hype Surrounding Memory Foam Mattresses

You may have heard of the word memory foam making the rounds on the Internet, and advertised as the newest addition to pillows, mattresses, and even shoes. Given the hype surrounding it, you may be wondering: What exactly is so great about memory foam? Considering how popular it has become in the recent decade, many have jumped on the bandwagon to try it, while others may still be debating its effectiveness.


Memory foam as a material was first used by NASA to absorb shock in airplane seats. Since then, companies have sought for technologies to innovate the material, paving the way for the memory foam mattress, gel memory foam mattress, and other mattresses you can easily find in stores today. 


About Memory Foam


Memory foam is described to be viscoelastic, combining the words visco and elastic. Visco comes from the word viscous, which means it moves when you apply a force, and elastic means it bounces back to its shape after you remove the force. Thus, the central premise of a memory foam mattress is that you can sleep on a foam that molds to the contours of your body when you lie down on it. Whether you are sleeping on your back or side, the foam appropriately sinks more in the areas that touch the foam.


Similarly, memory foam is temperature-sensitive, so it responds well to pressure and heat. Thus, you can expect the foam to soften as you lie down, and your body heat comes into contact with the mattress. 


Types of Memory Foam


Given the many advances in memory foam products, you will find three main types of memory foam used in mattresses that each suit different needs or preferences. 


  1. Traditional Memory Foam


As its name suggests, traditional memory foam is the standard foam that was first introduced to the mattress industry about a decade or so ago. It is designed to cradle your body while you sleep to improve blood circulation and reduce the stress that may have built up in your joints. It also stops motion transfer if you continuously turn in your bed or sleep with someone who does. 


  1. Gel Memory Foam

Gel memory foam is a more recent addition to the market that is quickly gaining popularity for its benefits. Essentially, it is memory foam infused with gel beads. Similar to traditional memory foam, a gel memory foam mattress can cradle your body when you sleep and prevent motion transfer. However, new technologies provide more durability and support if you suffer from poor posture due to your sleeping position. Aside from this, the gel beads can also provide coolness when you sleep.


  1. Air Cool Memory Foam


Air cool memory foam was created to solve the problem of traditional memory foam becoming too hot. It responds to your body temperature much quicker, allowing the heat to be channeled out faster as well. Some mattresses make use of an open-cell technology that helps distribute heat more evenly, providing for a more refreshing night’s sleep.


With all the benefits that you can get from memory foam mattresses, the product undoubtedly lives up to the hype. While there may still be some shortcomings, memory foam has been an extremely beneficial alternative to your traditional spring mattresses. If you have struggled with sleep and have looked for ways to get better sleep at night, a memory foam mattress might be the answer to your dilemma!