Allegro Classical Music and Arts Festival

Bring Classy Bach

Allegro Classical Music and Arts Festival

We're bringing classy Bach with Allegro Classical Music and Arts Festival on April 23rd, 2017. This one-day only festival is the only festival in Southern California that is dedicated to the world of classical music and showcases the melodies of  western and eastern classical music (Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Persian) and dance performances across two stages. The Del Mar Racetrack will host this exciting festival. Allegro will have stages at both the Paddock and the Turf Club facilities in order to create that naturally inviting and historic family-friendly experience that provides attendees with memories they will never forget.

Allegro’s goal is to preserve the need to keep classical music alive for future generations since the world is headed in a direction of boxed music and Mad Max movie style of annoying, noisy racket of instruments playing together without any structure. Allegro is the way to experience timelessness of classical music and dance. 

Allegro Music Fest

Allegro goes above and beyond concert style performances and encourages musical ability by creating a music mash-up under the direction of a music conductor called the Baroque Bash. “Allegro Classical Music and Arts Festival is a bridge that connects us to the the timelessness of classical music,” said Vanitha Rao, the organizer of the festival. “My favorite aspects of the festival are that it is going to have classical music from around the world but definitely look out for the 'Baroque Bash,' which is basically a music mash up where people can bring their own instruments however rusty and old and play under the baton of the Grammy-nominated educator, Ulli Reiner, and the other thing is 'steam-punk DJ,' who will mix classical music with hip hop and electronic music. 

The mission of Allegro Classical Music and Arts Festival accomplishes every year is to keep the joy of classical music and arts alive in an affordable, family-friendly environment. “FINE readers should attend Allegro 2017 so they can help keep classical music alive, albeit in a casual environment,” said Rao. “It is where SoCal beach culture meets Bach!” Kids who are under 17 enter free with adults, so this will hopefully influence classical musicians and artists from future generations.

“Finally a portion of our ticket sales will go toward music therapy for military, elderly, and kids in daycare and hospitals through Resounding Joy, a nonprofit music wellness program,” said Rao. Tickets to the event range from $30-$35. For more information about the festival, call Vanitha Rao at (619)339-0695.