Amazing Alcohol at the Del Mar Plaza's Haute 2 Trot

The Alcohol was Flowing at Haute 2 Trot 2016

Alcohol cupcakes from Jeni's Cookies and More

Photo by Madison Michelle

Another year, another Haute 2 Trot has come and gone! But we have no time to be sad; no, instead we should all celebrate the wonderful vendors who helped make the 2nd annual Haute 2 Trot the best fashion show we’ve ever had! Without further ado, here are the incredible alcohol providers from our Haute 2 Trot fashion show!

Novo Brazil

Novo Brazil provided the beer at Haute 2 Trot, the tap flowing at the corner of the venue by the classic beach view. One of their two beers was the Copacabana IPA, a hop-forward, West Coast-style IPA. It tastes light, yet full-bodied, with some bitterness on the back end of the flavor. Novo Brazil also poured the Chula Pils, a double-dry hopped beer; light and refreshing, this beer is well-suited for the beach. Novo Brazil is owned and run by Brazilian beer kingpins who aim to merge their South American flair with the craft culture of San Diego. 

Sukari Spirits

Ro Brown set up the booth for her own vodka business that she built from the ground up, Sukari Spirits. The line has 18 flavors total, but for Haute 2 Trot, Brown brought the Superfruits flavor. It’s made from antioxidant-filled fruits such as pineapple, blood orange, pear, and dragonfruit. Sukari drinks are free of artificial materials and prepared in a Kosher distillery, distilled five times and filtered another five through lava rocks, making it near hangover-proof.

St Petersburg

St. Petersburg served their plain vodka with an optional lemon drop martini mix. This particular vodka scored 94 points out of 100 from the Beverage Tasting Institute, and it was a sophisticated option for our elegant Haute 2 Trot VIP guests.

Freemark Abbey and Jackson Family Wines

Freemark Abbey and Jackson Family Wines served four different wines. Available was a 2013 Viognier, a floral wine with rich texture and stonefruit aromas, and a 2014 Chardonnay, a complex wine striking a balance between apple and oak. Freemark Abbey also served a 2013 Merlot with black plum and blackfruit dogwood notes, and a 2012 Cabernet, which not only has tones of cassis and toasty oak, but scored 93 with Wine Advocate. All Freemark wines served at Haute 2 Trot were from Napa Valley.

Coomber Family Wines

Coomber Family Wines served Skater Girl, a new line with a skateboarding pug on the bottle. Flavors available were a 2013 California Chardonnay, a 2013 California Pino Noir, and a 2013 California Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines are balanced, elegant, vibrant, and fun, and said Skater Girl is meant for everyday drinking. You don’t have to wait for the weekend to enjoy tasty wine! You can drink Skater Girl at nearby locations such as the Del Mar Hilton, Del Mar Wine Company, and That Pizza Place. 

Tequila La Jolla

Tequila La Jolla served their small amber bottles right by the DJ booth. Made from 100% agave, Tequila La Jolla is made at an 8,000-foot altitude, which makes it all the sweeter. By using tiny 5-liter barrels, the drink ages ten times faster. Some of their flavors include caramel, vanilla, toffee, and brown sugar.

Top Shelf Parties

The bar, provided by Top Shelf Parties, served a Merlot, a Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Pinot Grigio from Pinecroft Vineyards, plus a 2013 Merlot from Forest Ville. They also served cocktails called Summer Squeeze and Arizona Sunset, made from low-sugar Nekter “On the Rocks” juice.

Jeni's Cookies and More

Finally, at one table we had a different method of booze administration: Jeni’s Cookies and More made liquor desserts for Haute 2 Trot. Normally this bakery serves all-ages cookies, but this time Jeni's Cookies served items such as vanilla vodka chocolates, pink champagne cupcakes, and Novo Brazil Stout chocolate cupcakes––a worthy tie-in.