Amusement Parks For Families To Enjoy in California

Amusement Parks For Families To Enjoy:

Favorite Amusement Parks To Adventure as a Family.


Amusement Parks across the United States are far and near to come by, well kind of. A lot of amusement parks are either close to an individual’s home or are made to enjoy a family vacation. Amusement Parks like Disney World and Disneyland, Universal Studios Orlando & Hollywood, Knott’s Berry Farms, & Six Flags nationwide all have a special place in someone's heart. Either it being because the amusement park is very popular, magical, or just because it may be quite small and a park that a family enjoys going to during the Autumn season.


If you asked me, Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, and Six Flags Great Adventure all have a spot in my heart. Since I was a little girl, we have been visiting Orlando Florida at least every 2 years. Mainly because Disney clearly is our favorite vacation spot. Just recently we visited Orlando and did not visit the parks; however, about 3 years ago, we visited and went to all of the parks Disney World had to offer. As Disney World is bigger than Disneyland and since I have yet to visit Disneyland, I do not believe they are the same. I do think that since they are both Disney that they do have some of the same features. Both Disney parks, I am sure, make you feel magical and enchanted. At least that is how I remember Disney World and visiting on my parents family honeymoon at age 5, it was spectacular and I did not want to leave! The fact that I did not want to leave would be why? Is it because Chip & Dale chased me through the parks and because I did not want a picture with them, and they hand-delivered me a note at dinner one night? Or was it because I had received my first pair of Minnie Mouse ears? Or could it be because it was my first time seeing Cinderella’s Castle? All so very magical!


Knott’s Berry Farm is a California amusement park in which during the autumn season is very popular around here. Radio stations give away tickets for it, and in fact, it is quite popular. I am assuming that is because they have a restaurant, hotel, waterpark, and an amusement park. It seems as though they based the park around the same features as Six Flags. At Knott’s Berry Farms you can enjoy visiting with the Snoopy friends as well as enjoying the “splash mountain” at Knott’s Berry Farm.


Six Flags is the type of park that likes to take you back to your childhood, just as Knott’s Berry Farm does. Six Flags takes you to a time when Bugs Bunny, the cartoon, was on the television and when children had no responsibilities, just playing and having fun. Six Flags is just like Knott’s Berry Farm in the sense that many children these days do not know who Bugs Bunny or Snoopy is.


Overall, all of these amusement parks hold special places in families hearts and realistically I sometimes wish I could live in a Disney Park.

Amusement Parks For Families To Enjoy in California


Amusement Parks For Families To Enjoy in California

Knott’s Berry Farm

Amusement Parks For Families To Enjoy in California

Six Flags Magic Mountain