Anxiety During Coronavirus Crisis - How Can You Reduce It

Anxiety During Coronavirus Crisis - How Can You Reduce It


It’s normal to feel a bit of anxiety during the Coronavirus crisis, but if you’re finding it’s impeding your ability to live your life this can be frustrating. Everyone seems to be panicking, hoarding toilet paper, and no one really seems to know for sure what’s going on. 


If you’re looking to avoid getting caught up in this mentality, there are a few methods and plans of action that you can do to alleviate your anxiety. 


Thinking About A Pet 

Pets are great companions that can reduce your symptoms of anxiety, and they can’t transmit the virus so you’re safe to cuddle your furry friend all you want. If you’re looking at getting a younger animal and you’re stuck at home, you have plenty of time to spend training them now as well. If you have serious symptoms of anxiety you can always schedule an appointment with your physician by phone. Some individuals may require an emotional support animal (ESA) in order to alleviate their symptoms appropriately. Visiting a trustworthy website might provide you with information on emotional support animals, and how they’re certified. Everyone can still benefit from having a pet around though, just make sure you’ll be able to take on the responsibility. 


Clear Your Head 

Sometimes all the information coming at us from the media can become overwhelming. You’re getting news from a myriad of different sources, and they all seem to offer a varying perspective on the situation. It might do you some good to look away from the newsfeed, or the T.V. and clear your head. There’s no sense obsessing over a situation that you can’t control, and taking too much negativity can be bad for your psyche. Meditation can be a great way to empty your headspace, but if this isn’t your cup of tea other activities can help as well. Reading a book, or playing video games can give you a chance to focus on something you enjoy rather than being constantly worried. 



Get Some Exercise 

If you’re in an area that’s currently experiencing enforced social distancing, you might think it’s impossible to get some exercise. However, there are still plenty of ways to get activity in your day. Exercise is vital to reducing anxiety, and it’s been proven through research to help elevate neurochemicals that make you feel happier. Most locations will still let you go for a walk, but they may have a limit on how many people can be out together. If you have any textbooks left over from school, you can throw these in a backpack and do weight-bearing activity too. Use some creative thinking and you can do almost any workout from home. Both your body and your mind are going to thank you later. 


Understand You Still Have Control 

Even though you may be stuck at home so everyone can “flatten the curve” that doesn’t mean you don’t have any control whatsoever in your life. You can reduce your odds of transmitting infection by thoroughly washing your hands, and avoiding touching your face. Limiting how often you go out in public gives you control over the situation and your likelihood of becoming sick. Grocery stores are still open and they likely won’t be closing anytime soon, so you won’t need to worry about your access to food anytime soon. There’s tons of ways you still have control over your life, and you don’t need to feel helpless. 


Try To Work Out A Financial Plan 

This is a stressful period of time for many people, as they’re worried about their financial situation. If you’re concerned about rent because you’ve been laid off during the pandemic, try to work out a deal with the landlord. Most landlords are human and they understand that a serious situation is taking place, and they’ll likely have empathy for your situation. Work out a plan with them about how you’re going to be able to pay in the future. Consider talking to your bank, or asking family members for assistance. We’re all in this together and there may be other resources in your community that can assist you too. 


If you’re experiencing excessive anxiety, don’t hesitate to contact any health professionals and make an appointment. Some areas may even have hotlines for youth to call if they’re feeling especially worried during this time. Remember to take a breath every once and awhile, this experience can be a way to appreciate the freedoms that we get to enjoy. Hopefully, by taking a little time for yourself, you can reduce your anxiety until this crisis comes to an end.