The Jewels of San Diego Moulin Rouge Cabaret 2012 Gala Charity Event

Phyills Parrish, Denise Hug, Ramin Pourteymour, and Sandy Redman

Photographed By Ed Brown

The Jewels of San Diego Gala, a charity benefiting The Arc of San Diego, originated with the philanthropic generosity of Phyllis and John Parrish in 2010 - a couple who moved to San Diego 37  years  ago from New Orleans. With a strong passion to make a difference in the lives of those who were less fortunate, the couple decided to develop an alliance with The Arc of San Diego, in helping the disabled community; due in part to also having raised a son who had a disability. It is through their commitment and desire to give back that they organized a group of giving individuals to progressively continue on with The Arc and its mission to help those challenged with the disability and their family members.

Denise Hug-Sandy Redman, Phylis-Parish jewels-of-san-diego

Currently, in its third year, the Gala provides the financial avenues to establish support systems and programs to enhance and improve the day-to-day lives of members within the disability community. This year’s event will be a musical held at the Grand Del Mar, and is being choreographed by TV personality Mary Murphy and produced by Leonard Simpsons’ There’s No Biz Like Show Biz. The evening will feature the highly anticipated Moulin Rouge Cabaret Show for guests to enjoy. Distinguished Honorary and Committee Members will also be honored for their loyal contributions in helping The Arc further its mission to offer the gift of an independent lifestyle.
“My vision and involvement for The Arc with The Jewels of San Diego is to know that all members of society with a disability, including my son, will have the opportunity to lead a self-sufficient lifestyle,” Phyllis Parrish expressed. “And, to have the reassurance, as a mother, to know that individuals like my son, who struggle with a disability will be able to take care of themselves and lead successful lives of their own someday.”

The Arc San Diego Gala-event-Denise-Hug-Sandy Redman-Phylis-Parrish-jewels-of-san-diego