April 2017

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Marijuana and Its Medicinal Benefits

Within the past decade, the United States has made leaps and bounds with the introduction of legislation that legalizes medicinal marijuana.

Comedy, Impersonations, and More with Jonathan Kite

FINE Magazine spoke with the actor about his humble beginnings, comedic stylings and top tips for making a career out of impersonating others.

"The Fate of the Furious"

The series’ spectacular 8th film, The Fate of the Furious ​is now playing in theaters.

Spring Xposure 2017 Food Recap

Now, take a look at all of the wonderful food and beverage companies that dazzled at our Spring Xposure, 2017!

Sarah Wynter: From Newcastle to New York

FINE Magazine interviews actress Sarah Wynter of Amazon's "Goliath."

7 Essential Appliances Every Condo Must Have

Condos have more limited square footage compared to apartments and houses. Thus, you need to carefully choose your furniture, appliances, and other home items. Here are 7 mini appliances that suit condo living.

What's Happening San Diego! April 17th–24th

Here's what's happening this week in San Diego from April 17th–24th!

Allegro Classical Music and Arts Festival

Bring classy Bach with Allegro Classical Music and Arts Festival on April 23rd, 2017. This one-day only festival is the only festival in Southern California that is dedicated to the world of classical music and showcases the melodies of western and eastern classical music.

Spring Xposure 2017 Photo Gallery

On March 30th, FINE Magazine hosted the 6th Annual Spring Xposure Fashion Show at the Rancho Santa Fe Motor Club.

Hair Havoc No More with Dr. Marder Scalp Therapy

For those who already suffer from sensitive scalps or are susceptible to environmental and weather changes in general, the result can be scalp skin that’s dry, itchy and downright unattractive.

Come to the Crossroads

Now midway through the Who You Selling For tour, Taylor Momsen spoke with FINE Magazine about the new album, her writing style and breaking mainstream rock records.

Top 6 Gardening Trends for 2017

Here are some great gardening trends for 2017 that are perfect for getting started or sprucing up your yard.