Are Real Estate Agents Relevant in this Age of Technology?

Technology is changing how Americans shop for properties. Thanks to platforms like Trulia, Zillow and dozen others, home buyers can browse property listings, find their desired homes and successfully narrow their search without calling a real estate agent. With more and more mortgage providers cropping up, people shopping for properties can go a step further and get pre-qualified for a mortgage before honing on their dream homes.

However, this is the furthest point they can go on their own. Checking several property listings doesn’t mean that you understand the real estate market forces and trends in that specific area. You need someone who understands the data regarding home sales in Robbinsville, NJ, and can make accurate market predictions. The agent can help finalize the transaction while making sure that you get the biggest bang for every dollar spend.

And guess what? Those agents will get the same 3 percent commission they did so many decades ago for just a fraction of the task! This is a situation that seems to baffle many potential property buyers, particularly the millennial cohort. These people have grown up purchasing nearly everything from vehicles to beds and groceries entirely online.

The single-yard lane

It is no secret that property buyers are doing much of their search process on their own. They use websites, apps and other digital platforms to spot potential homes. Some shoppers even set alerts for new property listings that fit their desired features.

However, once a potential home buyer spot that dream home, their skills end there. They must call a real estate agent who can open the door and help them view the property. The agent can also help craft and submit an offer on behalf of the potential buyer. Remember, most real estate agents have all the knowledge and experience in handling the property buying process.

More than just property search

Generally, potential property buyers are doing much of the legwork when it comes to finding or viewing property listings. However, this just a small piece of the entire proper purchase puzzle. As much as the advent of the internet and the countless home buying tips have changed the way potential buyers view real estate agents, the reality is that you will always need an experienced real estate agent.

Everyone is embracing the technology. However, you need the guidance and expertise of an industry professional to acquire your dream home without breaking your bank. The services of an excellent real estate agent can help you save effort and time, keep everything organized during the property purchase process, and take you through the closing process successfully to get the best possible deal.

It is expected that technology will continue revolutionizing the real estate industry. However, potential property buyers and sellers will always need the services of a trained, certified and experienced real estate agent. If you have been wondering whether or not real estate agents are relevant in this age of technology, you now have a clear answer.