Are There Any Practical Reasons Why You Should Choose Resin Over Gravel for Your Driveway?

Our external constructions and décor are often somewhat neglected because subconsciously, we tend to believe that it’s not as important as the interior. On the other hand, how your house looks from the outside is pretty much what creates the first and most powerful impression on your guests. This is the prime reason why gravel doesn’t stand a chance against resin driveways, but it isn’t the only one either.


One can argue about it, and beauty is subjective of course, but to most people, gravel is not exactly the most aesthetic driveway material, not by a long shot.

Resin, on the other hand, can be crafted into designs of your choice, and it certainly comes in more colors than just shades of grey, unlike gravel. Use the customizability of resin to create a driveway which complements your home in both color and design.

SuDS Compliance

SuDS stands for Sustainable Urban Drainage System, which means that any surface material with SuDS compliance allows water to drain through it and reach natural soil. The advantage in having that is when it rains or the snow starts melting, your resin driveway will not hold water for too long, as it’s a perfectly porous surface for water to pass through.

Affordability is One of Resin’s Pros Too

Although resin is not really expensive at all, another customization aspect of the material is that even its thickness can be tailored to suit the need and the budget of the house owner.

Naturally, the more layers of resin used in the construction, the stronger it will be. However, the real question is, how strong do you need it to be?

Of course, a multi-layered resin driveway will last longer and it will be able to take on heavier vehicles, but if you don’t even drive or park heavy vehicles, what would be the point?

Visit a site like SureSet to get an accurate estimation regarding the required thickness and the overall cost of a resin driveway on your property. You might be surprised to know how affordable a basic 12mm deep resin driveway can be, in spite of having so many advantages.

Unmatched Durability

One of the most durable materials anyone can use to build a driveway is resin, which alone justifies the initial cost. Resin is extremely resistant to car oil, water, de-icing salts, heavy raindrops, snow, sunlight and just about everything else that a driveway could possibly have to face. Go with crushed stone aggregates and the durability will reach even higher levels.

Gravel does have an advantage because it is the cheaper, if not the cheapest material available for building driveways. However, after everything we have just discussed, it would be safe to state that in terms of cost-efficiency and overall aesthetics, resin is by far the better choice of material for almost any driveway. Besides, the cost of resin driveways themselves can also be qualified as cheap, as compared to most other options.