Are You All Set for Your Trip to London?

Are You All Set for Your Trip to London?


London makes for a hugely exciting destination, wherever in the world you’re traveling there from. Whether you’re interested in viewing the cityscapes from the London Eye, learning more about the UK’s rich history at one of the prestigious, historical sites, or visiting the many haunts of the British Royal Family, you can do all that and much more in the capital city of the UK. Keep these tips in mind to make sure that you’re well-prepared for your visit. 

Budgeting for London:

If you’re coming from the US, the good news is that thanks to the change of value in the US dollar against the British pound, London is not as expensive as you might think. In fact, you can get a meal for less than $10 easily in the center of London, and even cheaper if you venture out of the city. A beer at a central pub will set you back around £5 at the most. And you can find cheap hotels or hostel rooms for around £50 a night or even less if you book in advance. Take advantage of hotel comparison sites to find the best deals. And when it comes to attractions, definitely invest in and make the most of a London Pass. 

Borough Market:

Borough Market is the oldest, most famous food market in London. It’s definitely worth visiting for some of the best foods in the city. Some tips to keep in mind include:

  • The best days to visit are on Thursdays and Fridays, as only half the stalls are open Monday and Tuesday. It’s pretty crowded on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays. 

  • It’s unlikely that you’ll be offered a free sample, so have some spare change handy if you want a small amount to taste - you’ll need to buy it. 

  • If you’re heading to the market on the London Underground, the nearest tube station isn’t Borough - it’s London Bridge. 

  • Take advantage of London tours: the market is really large and busy and can be an overwhelming place; having an experienced guide on your side can make the experience. 

Cultural Activities in London:

There’s so much more to London than just the famous sights and attractions. Once you’ve seen all the big sights, don’t miss out on getting involved in some of the more interactive experiences in London with a chance to meet some of the friendly locals. 

  • Theater shows: London is a fantastic destination for theater with something for everybody. And it makes for an awesome night out! 

  • High tea: If you want a taste of the high life, try this posh traditional at Fait Maison or head to The Wolseley if you want to experience higher-end service. 

  • Pubs: No visit to London would be complete without a visit to a pub! Try some of the traditional cask ales, many of which are brewed locally. 

  • Parks: For outdoor-lovers, there are so many gorgeous parks in London. Each one has a range of gorgeous hidden gems, like Hyde Park’s Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, or the quaint cafe and stunning pond complete with ducks at St. James’ Park. 

Packing Tips:

Now you’re ready to set off on your trip, keep these packing tips in mind. 

  • Opt for luggage you can easily carry up and down stairs, as not every tube station has elevators or escalators. 

  • London is a big city, so bring comfortable walking shoes if you plan to explore on foot. 

  • Pack clothes you can layer up; the temperature here can vary a lot! And bring an umbrella or raincoat, as showers can appear unexpectedly. 

What are you looking forward to in London the most?