Art, Rhythm and Wine 2015: The Best Local Food

These fantastic San Diego restaurants and wineries dominated the Art, Rhythm and Wine event.

Pannacotta with Mango and Strawberry Sauces by Bice's Ristorante.

Photos by: Dan M Photography

One of the best aspects of the inaugural Art, Rhythm and Wine event at Cielo Village was the amazing food, wine and other alcohol available to the guests as a part of their tickets. Below, we have a handy list of all the food vendors available at the Art, Rhythm and Wine event, complete with what each vendor brought and where they are located in San Diego. Find your favorite savory dishes from the Art, Rhythm and Wine night, and keep all of these amazing restaurants in mind for your next event!

Bice Ristorante

Bice Ristorante served some intricate dishes at the event, including a wild salmon bonbon wrapped in bacon, a celery root sauce and a pannacotta with mango and strawberry sauces for dessert. Their dishes contained a wide variety of Italian flavors, prepared by their chef Mario Cassineri. Bice Ristorante is an Italian restaurant located near downtown San Diego.

Angelic Imports

Angelic Imports brought a collection of small, bite-sized chocolates to the event. The chocolates were smooth and just a little bitter from a dusting of cocoa powder on the outside. Angelic Imports is a chocolate company that imports chocolates from the Goufrais German Chocolate company in Europe. 

the flavor chef's chicken bone broth at the art rhythm and wine event

The Flavor Chef

The Flavor Chefrun by Lance Rollserved their gluten-free mac and cheese drizzled with their Baker and Olive white truffle oil. The mac and cheese was a crowd favorite and quickly disappeared from The Flavor Chefs booth. The Flavor Chef also served their bistro spinach salad with Valencia orange, and they served a bone broth soup. The Flavor Chef is available for catering and works in partner with The Brothery and Baker and Olive.

Savory Kitchen

Savory Kitchen is a pizza and calzone restaurant located in Carmel Valley. This new business contributed five different stand-out pizza dishes to the general admissions section of the Art, Rhythm and Wine event, including a margarita pizza, a bolognese pizza, and a Romano pizza. The favorite of the evening appeared to be the Tuscany pizzaa white pizza with ricotta and spinachwhich was quickly devoured by the guests. 

Ara Lebanese Grill

The Ara Lebanese Grill generously donated multiple trays of freshly made falafel, as well as hummus and pita to Saturdays event. This new business is located in San Marcos and it cooks authentic Lebanese food. Among the Ara Lebanese Grills menu are a litany of vegetarian options, all made from the owners family recipes.

Spice Lounge

The Spice Lounge provided a fantastic chicken curry with rice for the event. In addition to that, the Spice Lounge brought naan, which is a flat bread often served with curry. The Spice Lounge is a restaurant located in Pacific Beach that is known for creating authentic and delicious Indian food.

casa de bandini at the art rhythm and wine event

Casa de Bandini

Casa de Bandini served carne asada street tacos with a mild pico de gallo salsa and a spicy avocado salsa. Their menu offered a classic take on Southern California food and culture which paired beautifully with the Rancho Santa Fe Art, Rhythm, and Wine event. They also included a vegetarian option with their Frijoles de olla tacos. Casa de Bandini is a Mexican restaurant located in San Diego, and it has a fun, upscale vibe.

Deannas Gluten Free

Deannas Gluten Free bakery contributed an amazing gluten-free carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting to Saturdays event. The cake was moist and the frosting was the perfect balance of sweet and creamy; guests consumed the cake near the end of the night. Deannas Gluten Free bakery is located in Escondido, and owner Deanna Smiths products can be found at grocery stores like Jimbos throughout San Diego.

Lux Catering

Lux Catering served two different dishes at the event: one dish was a honey goat cheese tart with a flaky pastry crust and caramelized onions, and the second was a rosemary grilled shrimp appetizer served with lemon aioli. Lux Catering is a locally-owned modern Mediterranean catering company that specializes in high-end events.