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Queen Bee Market Shopping Expo

The popular urban-style market is feminine and fun, hosting vendors who make their products by hand from booths that are designed with flair.

Loveless Movie Review By FINE

No one wants to dwell in a life without love, the innocent and budding twelve-year-old boy Aloysha certainly didn't, and that is why he has run off, to escape a family life of turmoil and denial, where it is clear he is unwelcome. Click to read Loveless' Movie Review By FINE

Mrs. C from "Happy Days" Comes to the Old Globe

Join us as legendary Globe Associate Artist Marion Ross– affectionately known to millions as Mrs. C, America’s favorite television mom in “Happy Days”–will be at The Old Globe for a special one-night only event to celebrate the release of her new memoir, “My Days Happy and Otherwise.”

Jeannette Scollard’s Art Selected “Best In Show” at 50 TO WATCH 2018

The work of artist Jeannette Scollard was selected as “Best In Show” in this year’s prestigious biennial exhibit 50 To Watch. The two pieces named – Summer Solstice and Peace in the Valley highlight Scollard’s exploration of the mystical triangle. The show is a celebration of contemporary art in San Diego designed to showcase some of the best visual artists in the region. The 50 To Watch exhibitions offer two month-long gallery shows with openings, an online gallery and a national publication which is distributed to 1,000+ galleries.

Local Artists Spotlight Exhibition ‘Seeing Is Believing’

Sparks Gallery, in San Diego, on Sixth Avenue is a beautiful and cozy place where paintings and photography enjoy the perfect lighting, where brick wall complements all the exhibited pieces, and where silence allows you to fully focus on what you’re looking at and what you’re seeing. Local Artists Spotlight Exhibition ‘Seeing Is Believing’

Red Sparrow Movie Review

'Red Sparrow' seems to transpire in a distant Communist land, with a protagonist who is fed up by the conformity of powerful men who take advantage, and a fraudulent and sclerotic political system that is every bit as repulsive as those it employs. Although the uninhabited grand lavish buildings and stair ways, cold and lifeless weather, and unmissable Russian monuments say otherwise, the reality is, this is a world not too distant.

The Sun Is Rising on the Sun Valley Film Festival

For its seventh year, the Sun Valley Film Festival, took place from March 14 to 18 and featured special appearances by actors and actresses, filmmakers, screenwriters and others in the film industry. Once only known as a ski resort town, Sun Valley, Idaho, is now the location of an annual film festival that is quickly growing in popularity. The Sun Is Rising on the Sun Valley Film Festival

Easter Fun for Art Lovers

Next weekend you’ll find a new kind of treasure hunt with fun and delights for the whole family at the 16th annual Indian Wells Arts Festival.

Game Night Movie Reviews

I can honestly say that I have never been so happy to miss a press screening in my life. Instead I went see the cerebral masterpiece 'Annihilation', which was screening at the same time as this, and of course, like every other critic in San Diego, I chose Garland's epic. Yet having left 'Game Night' this weekend, I realized the beatific aura that lurked in the air of a showing for it's target audience wouldn't have been as wonderful if I had viewed it in a room full of 10 critics. As a chorus of laughter overwhelmed the 7th screen at Edwards Mira Mesa theater, I began to notice the setting up of jokes three moves in advance creating genuine comedy and a checkmate of an ending.

Featuring San Diego Local Artists

Some of the local artist in San Diego are branching out and are vying for the attention of the public eye, here are some of them and what they do best.

Jason Aldean Fires Up The Crowd With Surprise Concert At Bassmaster Classic’s Opening Night

Fans and bass fishing enthusiasts sung along as Jason Aldean performed on-stage while cheers and applause showed great appreciation for his partnership with Field and Stream. The support of this chart-topping musician was a successful kick-off for the weekend-long Bassmaster Classic competition.

A Wrinkle in Time Movie Review

If a 40 foot tall Oprah couldn't save this movie I don't know what could, given that half of America wants her to run for President. Unfortunately, there wasn't a check for two hours of my life back under my seat at the screening, making this campy Disney feature that comfortably basks in cliche and rational ambiguity an oddly glaring waste of time. A Wrinkle in Time Movie Review

San Diego Art Exhibit Hurls Local Talent Into The Spotlight

Thanks to the dedication of Patric Stillman, The Studio Door and all associated contributors, local artists can make their mark in the world of art. San Diego Art Exhibit Hurls Local Talent Into The Spotlight

"The Night Game"

With the help of his touring band, friends and fellow producers, “The Night Game” has become an incubator for musical talent and originality. Martin Johnson of "Boys Like Girls" takes on a solo career with "The Night Game," and is reborn into this new wave alternative band that is edgy and unique.

15:17 to Paris Movie Review

'The 15:17 to Paris' is the latest from the dexterous Clint Eastwood, as this based on a true story picture stars the heroes themselves. Does this idea sound familiar? For those who answered yes you are probably referring to 1955's enlightening WW2 biopic 'To Hell and Back' starring Audi Murphy, even for those who have seen Murphy's CinemaScope epic, you have not viewed anything quite like this, for better or for worse.

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