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This “Old-Fashioned” Physician Still Welcomes Personal Health Care

Comprehensive Facial Rejunvenation Leaves Aging Behind

Botox vs Dysport: Review

Botox— the ever so popular drug of choice in the cosmetic world. Is it what it's cracked up to be Botox vs Dysport: Review

Top Sweet Perfumes

Sugar-scented perfumes, also known as Gourmands, are made primarily of an edible-like formula.

DIY Hair Treatments Perfect for San Diego

Get beautiful and well–treated hair from your home with these DIY hair styling tips. Don't overpay a stylist to treat your hair with fancy treatments when you can make hair masks using things from the kitchen.

Best and Worst Beauty Trends

This last year has been no different in its vast variety of beauty trends, filled with some of the best and worst looks, which makes this last year one to remember in the makeup community. Here are The Best and Worst Beauty Trends

Best Lipsticks— From MAC to Jeffrree Star

These are the five brands of lipstick that are our top choices as of today. Best Lipsticks— From MAC to Jeffrree Star

Today's Hottest Beauty Gadgets and Skin Care Devices

Today’s at-home devices provide innovative solutions when you’re looking for a less aggressive and sophisticated way of cleansing, improving fine lines and pigmentation, or taking care of enlarged pores. We have the list of skin “helpers” for you to choose from, so choose a device that your skin will love for all the benefits it brings along:

4 Common Hair Complaints and How to Treat Them

Some hair complaints are more common than others, and most can be treated naturally or using over-the-counter products. Others may require medical attention or medication, such as hair loss or scalp issues. Here are four of the most common hair complaints of both men and women, and some tips to help you treat them.

The Evolution of Beauty

Natural Beauty VS Cosmetic Surgery - Is beautiful

Best Beauty Tips on Eyeliners that will change your Life

Best Beauty Tips on Eyeliners that will change your Life! How to save your time and be a Pro!

Best Makeup Removers You Can Buy Today

Looking for the best makeup removers? Look no further. Here are some products to rid your face of any lingering makeup

Best Foundations for Todays Woman

Best Foundations for Todays Woman

Cosmetic Review Eyeshadows and Brushes

No matter your background or color makeup is an art for everyone and can be practiced for less. Let's look at Eyeshadows and Brushes by Mophe.

Stocking Stuffers 2017

Stockings are small, but don’t ignore—use our stocking gift guide for happiness galore!

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