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Health Risks to Know When You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is often a time of great change. Whether you wanted to fall pregnant or it was a surprise, you need to be aware of the health risks so that you can manage your health. This is important regardless of...

Factors Affecting Visitor Health Insurance Premiums

Are you planning a vacation to the United States? If so, you should invest in a visitor’s health insurance policy. Different factors will influence what the...

What is hemp-based CBD?

All over America, people are taking cannabidiol (CBD) products. The oversimplification is that these are just a form of cannabis that doesn't cause intoxication, but in truth it's...

10 Non-Obvious Ways Quitting Drinking Improves Your Life

For some people, drinking is a great way to have fun. But, constant hangovers outweigh the benefits of alcohol consumption for some people. For individuals with a drinking problem, quitting can...

Tips to Help You Get the Medical Marijuana Card

Getting a medical marijuana card is not as difficult as it used to be. Medical marijuana has...


A joint health and safety committee, or JHSC, comprises of employers and worker representatives. Together, they are expected to be collectively devoted to revamping health and safety situations in the workplace.

3 Super Revealing Body Signs You Really Shouldn't Be Ignoring

The human body is an incredible thing. It's both remarkably durable and unbelievably fragile. On one hand, people survive life-threatening car accidents without a scratch. On the other hand, you could slip on a wet floor and suffer a brain injury that renders you unable to work for the rest of your life.

Foods Included in a Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

Some may think a ketogenic diet entails a lot of a work. This is true, especially for beginners. But as you consistently stick to it, it will be less work and will become more of a habit.

What Exactly is Keratosis Pilaris and Can I Get Rid of It?

Get professional help. Ask your dermatology doctor in Salem for a prescription for topical retinoid you can apply on the bumps or a chemical peel to

Marula Oil Beauty Uses

Essential oils, olive oils, baby oils, and more! There is never a shortage of choices when you visit the store. You can...

Why Your Wax Liquidizer and Terpenes are not Working

Wax liquidizers and terpenes are the best solutions used to increase flavor, thin them, produce non-chocking vapor, and thicken your vape juice. The benefits they bring to...

How CBD Oil Can Help Travelers With Anxiety?

CBD oil cannot cure you completely, but you can make a pretty significant change in the way that you approach your anxiety.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Doctor

One of the most important relationships you'll ever have is with your doctor. It's a relationship that is built completely on trust. The longer a doctor and patient have been together, the stronger their bond is.

How a Pressure Blanket Can Positively Affect Your Health

What do you know about weighted blankets? From helping insomniacs get the sleep they need to easing the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, these innovative products may...

CBD - The Natural Sleep Aid You've Been Looking For

​Many people have occasional issues with sleeping. Though not strong enough to require a doctor’s help, it’s very common to have at least a few nights per week where it’s difficult to get to sleep at the right time, stop tossing and turning, or even stop waking up randomly in the middle of the night. Long stretches of uninterrupted sleep are incredibly important to your daily life, and not getting that could disrupt everything.

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