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Dynamic Law Duo Changes Everything

With great passion and purpose, San Diego-based Certified Family Law Specialists Ilona Antonyan and Tim Miranda have surfaced as the most sought-out attorneys in family law. It should therefore come as no surprise that they have become one of the largest, preeminent family law firms in California since their 2015 inception. Sitting down with FINE Magazine, the partners of Antonyan Miranda, LLP discuss their distinctive approach that has led to their well-earned success.

Workout Better Not Harder

As athletes turned fitness trainers, they offer quite the dynamic for those looking for a greater whole life balance—a personal investment of sorts in fitness and well-being; even offering a few pieces of their expert advice for our readers. And without further ado, meet Jeff and Josh— both of whom, are 44.

Improve your Golf Swing Significantly

Gene Parente and Sean Dynes have created a unique and compelling robot for golfers unlike any in the golf world today—a machine designed and born from equal parts inspiration, perspiration, science (specifically, physics) and the natural excitement of play. The purpose? To offer golfers an opportunity to improve their game—significant yardage gain, better control, enhanced accuracy, a consistent swing and appropriate velocity and power that can perfect what a golfer is capable of achieving.

New Apps and Enterprises

In the world of apps we live in, where someone somewhere is working on putting their “baby app” out, where thousands of brain-storming processes for new apps are going on right now, even if you yourself get hit by a great app idea, chances are someone is already working on it

A Love Affair with Del Mar

A dreamer, a visionary, Jim Watkins has left lasting footprints in Del Mar for more than 50 years. Known locally for creating L’Auberge Resort Hotel and Spa, Jim Watkins also developed nine resorts along the California Coast. He was the first to develop a vacation ownership resort in California.

Wanting Our Lives to Matter-Women Empowering Women: Share, Heal, Empower

In the news, especially during the last few months, we have seen an escalation of women’s empowerment and the force of collective female strength. Women supporting women is something I care passionately about and it is precisely what this book emboldens.

3 Simple Ways to Grow Your Business

For business owners especially, failure to take into consideration the ways that you could improve your business means a sure fire way of ensuring that your competitors will swiftly overtake you. If you’re looking for new ways to expand your business follow these 3 Simple Ways to Grow Your Business

An Expert Guide To Running Your Own Home Business

People start running small businesses from home for all sorts of reasons.Running them out of your home can be smart. Here is An Expert Guide To Running Your Own Home Business

Giving Back to San Diego with Irene Valenti

Irene Valenti, giving back to San Diego for over 27 years

Interview with Author Sylvia Mendoza

Nonfiction author and multicultural studies professor Sylvia Mendoza is one of many to master this subtle form of communication.

The Gloomies, New Single

The Gloomies released a new single, Space, featuring other local musician Madeline Follin

Valenti International: The Art of Matchmaking

Love has been in the air at Valenti International for 27 years. Using her strong intuition in business, personal connections and philanthropy, Rancho Santa Fe-based Matchmaker Irene Valenti has made more connections than she can count.

Design is Inclusive Architectural Concepts Inc.

If you follow the history of Design, you will want to read this to keep up to date on the Inclusive Architectural Designs

Taking the Reins from Gary Stevens to be a Jockey for a Day!

FINE Magazine takes a trip to the Del Mar Race Track to be "Jockey for a Day" with legendary Hall of Fame jockey Gary Stevens and finds out what makes them tick.

Matchmaking, Equestrian Club & Foundation

The concept of matchmaking brings with it a certain mystique – and many people are curious about how the process works. The Valenti Experience does not involve computer surveys or texting. It is deliberately low-tech and traditional.

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