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San Diego Museums

The Fine Artwork of Santos Orellana

Mayan-inspired artwork comes to life wherever Santos Orellana sets his paintbrush.

Museums for All Ages

Kids take advantage of free museum admission in the month of October.

Lux Art Institute In Encinitas

Concealed in a lush wildlife preserve in Encinitas lies Lux Art Institute, an innovative art museum that allows visitors to “see art happen.”

Southern California Aesthetics

From the inspirations of our rugged shores and the heritage of our local landmarks, art is an integral part of our life and style; more than a mere reflection of who we are, it inspires our very being.

San Diego Missions

In an unprecedented effort to preserve the historical and cultural presence of California’s missions in nearly a century, the California Missions Foundation – a Carmel-based nonprofit established in 1999 – has raised more than $4.6 million, seeking to protect and restore the living history of California’s oldest surviving structures. Their goal is $10 million.

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