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Best Under-Eye Anti Aging Eye Masks

We all know the feeling of waking up to unsightly circles, bags or creases, beneath our sleep-deprived eyes. Fortunately, there are now masks designed to combat those pesky appearances. Best Under-Eye Anti Aging Eye Masks

3 Simple Changes to Stop Hair Loss

Here are three very important dos and do nots for stellar hair care to help avoid hair loss!

Top Hair Salons in San Diego

Here are the top 5 hair salons in San Diego and how to choose the best one for you and what you're looking for. Whether you're looking for a trim, a color job, or something new altogether, here are some of the best places to start when looking for your new stylist.

Ultherapy's Powerful Effect on Collagen

Why this non-surgery treatment is gaining popularity for looking young

Makeup Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere This Spring

It is nice to know that whether you are new to makeup or are an experienced beauty guru, there are always new tricks to learn and pick up on every season. Makeup is an art, and like all art forms, it is ever evolving and refining in both style and technique. Makeup Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere This Spring

Mommy Makeover Makeup Tips

Yes, raising a baby consumes a ton of time, effort, and energy, but setting aside a little time before starting the day to freshen up and doll up just a little can give you a little confidence boost and perk that moms may have felt they lost when they entered motherhood

Five Ways to Ensure Your Clothing Positively Affects Your Mood

This article is going to discuss five ways that you can ensure that your clothing positively affects your mood.

Diversity within the Beauty Community

With his iconic bright blue hair, Gabriel Zamora is one thing, a show-stopper. Gabriel shows that you don’t have to be a woman to always look fabulous. His over the top and vivacious personality is what has granted him 450 thousand followers. With tutorials almost everyday, and hilarious videos, Gabriel Zamora has become an important beauty influencer.

Make Your Face Thinner With These Simple And Proven Tricks

A person's appearance has untold impact on the kind of recognition, success and mark in the society. The most important component of a person is his face. A well-groomed face can make one confident and more set on to take the challenges of the world. A perfect outline is genetic but what we can do is aim for an etched jawline with sculpted cheekbones and thus sharpens our features. Make Your Face Thinner With These Simple And Proven Tricks

Affordable Lip Plumpers Sparkle this Spring

The Hard Candy makeup line has introduced its new plumping serum lip gloss! Give your pout a boost of shine while giving your lips a fuller appearance.

How to Find the Best Facial Plastic Surgeon Near You

When deciding on a procedure so life-changing and sensitive, you need to have plenty of confidence that comes with all your questions being answered and all your doubts being removed. Based on the questions you’ve collected, first in your head, then vocalize them out loud to your potential doctor, your decision will be either a path of getting encouragement and confidence you were seeking, searching for a different. Best Facial Plastic Surgeon Near You

St. Paddy's Gift Guide

Dr. Nguyen Cares For The Heart With Expertise & Love

Dr. Bryant Nguyen, MD, a Cardiovascular Specialist at Sharp Grossmont Hospital is a doctor who truly enjoys the field in which he specializes. Indeed, he still gets excited and feels fascinated when discussing the remarkable “machine” he decided to study scrupulously many years ago. This is a doctor who genuinely wants to invest in his doctor-patient relationships.

Hair Meet Balayage

Understand one of the latest and hottest hair trends: balayage. An inside look at the origins and development of balayage through one of North Park's trendiest hair salons, The Lab A Salon.

Haven of Wellbeing & Balance 

The best way to experience the Chopra Center is to allow yourself ample time to soak in the calm offered within the walls of their sanctuary. A zen meditation room offers pillows, comfy sofa chairs and inspirational sayings splashed across the walls.

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