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Extreme Adventure Group

FINE Magazine spoke to the founder of SoCal X, Trevor Mottram, about San Diego’s most extreme adventure group.

Top 7 Yoga Accessories

Yoga has even been noted for helping with some types of muscle pain. Here are the top seven products you’ll need to begin your yoga journey.

A Breath of Fresh "Aire"

Enjoy a fun and stress-free workout with Aire Urban Fitness.

Keeping Fit During the Summer

As we approach the peak of the summer months and head into the second half of the year, many of us are once again thinking about our physical health.

Uncommon Workouts to Kickstart Your Summer

Check out these five ways to get out of the gym into an all new workout this summer.

A Bride's Best Body

Exercise might feel like the last thing you can fit into your schedule, but it can be the most important “to do” for a fabulous wedding day.

Weekend Recreation Has Many Benefits Including Your Mood

Regular excercise vs. intense weekend workouts may be a better, safer way to stay in shape.

Upcoming 5k, 10k Marathons in San Diego

The variety of 5K races in San Diego throughout the year cater to runners of all types of abilities, so there is a race for just about everyone.

Swimming, Cycling & Running: Which Outdoor Activity is Best for You?

Consistently voted one of the best cities in which to train for a triathlon, San Diego is a mecca for those considering dabbling in swimming, cycling or running.

Fitness Gear for 2017

Here are 10 items every woman needs for the ideal exercise routine.

6 Unconventional Fitness Trends in San Diego

Here are some of the top fitness trends in San Diego.

Yoga vs. Pilates

​Yoga and pilates are extremely popular methods of modern health and wellness.

Personal Trainers: Yay or Nay?

Is a personal trainer worth the additional expense? The answer is yes… with caveats

Top Places to Run in San Diego

Here are the top five running spots in San Diego that’ll make you ditch that sweaty treadmill at the gym and get running outside.

Get Bikini Ready with Summer Right Around the Corner

Get a perfect bikini body by developing a workout routine right for you!

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