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What Are the Places with the Most Affordable Houses?

An analysis showed that Washington Terrace ranked as the best place for home buyers in terms of the cost of living and average property prices.

Real Estate Mastery Starts with the Right Information

Everyone needs land. Starting and growing families, new and old businesses, and government and private entities need land to expand their current holdings. That's what

What Are Specialty Boxes, and Why Should You Care About Them?

Moving has lots of moving parts (no pun intended), and packaing is always the king. If you have relocated from one place to another at least once in your...

The Rise of Address Theft: What You Can Do to Avoid It

Address fraud is one of the most common forms of identity thefts around the world. Don't fall victim to this issue and make sure you're well-protected.

Finding and Applying for Line of Credit Loans Online

It is unfortunate that money can become very scarce to us when we really need it. This pushes us to the popular means of surviving, which is getting credit. You would think that it would end there, but even the...

Need to sell your luxury home fast? Here's how to make it happen

So, you have decided that it is time to sell your old house and move to a new home but have no idea where to start from. Selling your house can be an overwhelming and daunting task, especially if you are...

Top Tips for Saving Money on Your Heating Bill This Winter

Many people dread the winter months as their heating bill becomes out of control. It can be difficult to choose between waking up freezing cold in the


The owner’s title insurance provides protection to the homeowner if someone sues and says they have a claim against the home from before the homeowner purchased it.

What Is A Buyers Agent And How Can They Help You?

​For many people, buying a property is one of the biggest investments they will make and a process that shouldn’t be rushed. The purchasing experience can be quite intimidating, especially if you’re a first-time buyer, or you’re not so familiar with the market. That’s why lots of people seek out the help of a buyer’s agent to guide them through the process.

Advice For Buying A Luxury Property

Everyone has dreams of buying a luxury home as this will provide you with a beautiful, comfortable, and welcoming living space where you are sure to create many happy memories.

Converting Rental Property into Your Primary Residence

A 1031 exchange allows you to convert your investment property into your principal residence. Read on to learn how it can be done.

When the Juice Is Worth the Squeeze: Ways to Tap Home Equity

Borrowing against your home's market value is a convenient way to obtain a large sum of cash. Discover the different ways to do it.

The smart guide on how to pack your home when moving

Only thinking about the moving process stresses you out. Everyone knows that moving your house implies long hours of sorting, packing, and labeling. Don’t make the mistake by...

California Proposition 110

Proposition 110 is a constitutional initiative passed by California voters that provides property tax relief for severely and permanently disabled claimants when they sell an existing home and buy or build another.

Questions To Consider Before Investing In A Vacation Home

As a homeowner or homebuyer, you’re going to think about a lot of things over time. One of those thoughts may be about getting a second home. Not for ...

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