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Anxiety During Coronavirus Crisis - How Can You Reduce It

It’s normal to feel a bit of anxiety during the Coronavirus crisis, but if you’re finding it’s impeding your ability to live your life this can be frustrating. Everyone seems to be panicking, hoarding toilet paper, and no one really seems to know for sure what’s going on.

Covid-19: Staying Healthy Through the Pandemic

As we navigate these unprecedented times, we are faced with the reality of living our everyday lives within our home. Staying home is essential to flattening the curve and preventing the spread of and/or exposure to Covid-19. But this is very unfamiliar territory for many. How do we remain physically and mentally healthy?

Vitamin D - Are You Getting Enough

No doubt you've seen the headlines cautioning us about our potential vitamin D deficiency. What does this mean for our...

Possible Complications of Butt Lift

Cosmetic surgeries such as butt lift and Brazilian butt lift are becoming a trend today. This is probably the reason why cosmetic and surgical enhancements that apply to the butt are on the rise. If you want a...

The Effects Of Untreated Scoliosis

Even when we’re standing up straight, there are some natural curves in our vertebral columns. It’s quite normal for women to have a steeper lower-spine curve than men, for instance. However, aside from giving distinguishing characteristics for ...

Amid fears of Coronavirus here's how you can keep your office space clean and hygienic

It is impossible to ignore recent global events regarding the spread of Covid-19. While we have had outbreaks of disease in the past (SARS, Zika, etc.), the effects of the Coronavirus are being felt more severely than others.

Is Your Water at Home Safe to Drink? Here's How to Know

Water constitutes more than half of your body’s composition, which means that your survival depends largely on the water you drink. As such, most of us focus on the quantity of water we drink, trying to fulfill our daily needs with 8 eight-ounce glasses per day on average.

Collagen - Is It Worth It?

Collagen supplements, bone broth, and collagen-rich foods are all the rage right now. And why not as they are touted as the next best thing for your skin elasticity, energy level, joint pain, combating cellulite, smoothing wrinkles and they say it...


Cannabis has been one of the controversial substances where some people have believed in its therapeutic benefits while others have seen it as a psychoactive and addictive substance. Cannabis contains various compounds, known as...

The Risks Of Not Cleaning Black Molds To Your Health

Black mold is also known as Stachybotrys chartarum. It is a variety of microfungus that can grow on a surface with high cellulose material, like fiberboard, gypsum board, and paper (as it is made of wood), etc. Black mold in houses is a terrible problem, owing to the toxic nature of it.

Drug Rehab: Treatment Types and How They Work

Gathering the strength to walk away from the world of drugs and become sober is not an easy decision, but it’s the only right one to make. Vulnerability to addiction differs from one person to another; that’s why some people get addicted while others do not, despite experimenting with the same drug.

The Main Cause Of Poor Hygiene And Sanitation At Home

Home is where you should feel the most comfortable and secure. At this time when diseases are everywhere, the confines of your home should be your safe haven where you could be shielded. In order to do this, the hygiene and sanitation of your home should be your priority.

Essential Furniture to Brighten up your Office

In today’s age, furnishings play an important role in attracting your targeted customers. Having old, worn out or ugly looking stuff in your workspace, can discourage customers from wanting to do business with you. A lovely looking working environment means that you are experiencing some success in your business or at least moving forward in the right direction.

What Are The Main Differences Between Keto Diet And Atkins Diet?

The keto and the Atkins diet have been on for a while now and some people may confuse between them because they are both low carb and high-fat diets. Nonetheless, there are striking differences between them, and in this article, we will share with you the differences between...

Why Do You Need Some Indoor Plants For Your House?

Contrary to our beliefs that plants belong in the garden where there is enough sun, plants can also be brought indoors. Whether or not you're into it, the advantages of placing plants indoor go beyond just aesthetics.

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