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Why Do We Need to Purify Our Drinking Water?

Water is the source of life. It is the most basic necessity of our lives, which is used for almost all day-to-day activities such as cooking, bathing, cleaning and, obviously, drinking. With the increasing pollution levels and heightened health crisis, we need to acknowledge the importance of a clean water.

Easy yet Effective Ways to Boost Your Immune System

A healthy immune system is essential for a good quality of life. With your immune system working at its best, you reduce your chances of getting infections, flu, and other diseases.

5 Detox & Wellness Getaways in Palm Springs, California

Whew! You’ve made it through another holiday with all your family under the same roof. You also stayed strong and pushed through the magnified temptation to overindulge in food and irresistible desserts. For those two reasons alone, you deserve to treat yourself

5 Facts That You Should Know About Water Filters

We tend to take water for granted, Particularly in Western Society, and the advantages of water filtration are often overlooked. Turn on a tap and there it is; flowing easily for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning. It's there for our leisure time too; for fun and exercise in swimming pools, and to instruct and amaze us at ponds and aquariums.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Your Back Pain

Health experts note that 80 percent of adults will have back pain at sometime in their lives. Some of these problems are a result of simple strains, while others can be caused by degenerative conditions. Many people attempt to ignore the pain and carry on with their normal activities, but this can lead to increasing problems with comfort and normal function.

Measures to Take to Ensure your Water is Safe to Drink

Here is a fun fact which you may already know: The average human adult body consists of a staggering 60% of water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% of water. The lungs contain, on average, 83%, the kidneys contain 79%, the skin has 64%, and even bones contain water, with an average of 31%.

Overcoming Puberty Problems: Creating a Better Self-image

Puberty brings challenges in teens' physical aspects. Good self-care routine eliminates such issues. It will help them feel better about themselves.

4 Strength Training Exercises to Keep in Mind

While many people are under the impression that cardio is the best way to lose or maintain an ideal weight while keeping your heart strong, the reality is, strength training is at least as important. In fact, scientific research has shown that this type of exercise, also referred to as...

Doctor's Guide to Sleep Solutions for Stress and Anxiety

If you’re a person prone to anxiety and stress, then without a doubt, you must suffer from sleep deprivation more often than not. Insomnia and uninterrupted sleep are often correlated to any mental health issue, and anxiety is nothing different.

6 Ways to Fall Asleep Naturally Backed by Science

The importance of having a good night’s sleep each day can never be overstated. Research has it that sleep deprivation is a primary cause of low productivity, stress, depression, mood problems, and a wide range of health concerns.

Things To Know Before Going For Venaseal Treatment

Human beings have evolved considerably, and the consequences are not always positive. A fierce modification in lifestyle and diet has introduced people to multiple serious diseases. One of them is having varicose veins

Lasik VS Smile Eye Surgery: Which is the Better Option For You?

Laser eye surgery has completely revolutionized vision correction procedures. Thanks to innovations in this field, more and more people can now enjoy life without contact lenses or glasses. SMILE and LASIK are two of the popular laser-based approaches being used to treat vision problems. How can you determine which of the two is best for you?

CBD for Insomnia: Can It Help?

​Insomnia is a bigger problem than many may think. Can you believe that about 10% of American adults grapple with insomnia at least thrice per week? This means that they have difficulty falling asleep or remaining asleep. Although some of those who have the problem indicate that it is just a temporary issue, for others it is a chronic problem that negatively impacts their day-to-day life.

Why You Need A Regular Dentist Appointment

How often do you go to your dentist’s appointment? Once every few months? Once every few years? For the average person, a dentist’s appointment isn’t something on top of their list. Whenever they get any toothache, their first option would be to take some pain medications.


Since time immemorial, tobacco has been the main source of nicotine for smokers even though it has been associated with the death of millions of people.

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