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Designing an All-Season Outdoor Dining Space

Creating the perfect look for an outdoor dining set that lasts all year can be a bit daunting, especially when there is so much to choose from. What colors look bright in spring, but won’t fade in winter?

4 Ways to Create Coastal Curb Appeal

A home by the ocean is a dream come true for so many homeowners. Hearing the roar of the waves lulling you to sleep each night makes it easy to relax. When you...

7 Outdoor Kitchen Feature that Add Value

If you are thinking about updating your home, there are many factors to take into account. Many people take a close look at their outdoor spaces. Entertaining outdoors is a fabulous way to make the most of your property.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscaper

Having a well-maintained yard adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house. As per one of the surveys conducted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals, most Americans want their yard to be neatly trimmed and well-maintained.

Home Upgrades For A More Glamorous Facade

Sure, it’s what’s on the inside that matters, but when it comes to your home, what’s on the outside is as important as the inside. The exterior of your house is like the cover of a book that...

Protecting Your Trees and Home from Winter Weather

The nights are now getting longer, the days are colder, and it gets darker far earlier. That’s your indication that winter is well on its way and you need to start thinking about how you can protect your home and trees from winter weather.

Best Water For Your Plants: Taking Care of Your Home Garden

If you can safely drink tap water at home, then plants can also safely take the water. However, the water that you get in taps contains a lot of chlorine and chloramines which kills all microorganisms, including beneficial microorganisms needed by plants.

Effective Tips and Guidelines for Driveway Renovations

Are the driveway and outdoor area of your property becoming drab and boring? Your driveway is the first thing your guests see when they...

Everything You Need To Know About Dealing With A Waterlogged Backyard

When you have an issue with the backyard being waterlogged you want to get it handled as quickly as possible. It can be a massive inconvenience, but it can also cause damage, both to your landscaping if you have it, or any construction that you have there, or any equipment that may have become inaccessible because of the water.

Can Inground Pools Add Value to Your Home?

When the sweltering heat intensifies, almost one in ten Australian homeowners will be relaxing in their pools. In this warm climate, your home can see some potential value added to its worth with an inground pool.

Best landscaping ideas to improve your outdoor space

When it comes to landscaping design, are a few things that will make a huge difference in less than a few hours. You don’t have to wait for the trees to grow and for the hedges to fill out. Here are a few ideas to make your yard look amazing tomorrow.

4 elegant elemental materials for your home and garden

While synthetic materials have their place, there’s something special about natural products that are formed in the earth or forged by the elements.

Three Design Moves to Bring the Indoors Out

Don’t stop at bringing the outdoors in. Introduce the indoors out, whether in your garden or the backyard. Here are the design moves to make it happen.

What Is the Best Decking for High Foot Traffic Areas?

If you are searching for the best decking materials, you should consider composite or wood boards. According to The Spruce, IPE is...

Are There Any Practical Reasons Why You Should Choose Resin Over Gravel for Your Driveway?

Our external constructions and décor are often somewhat neglected because subconsciously, we tend to believe that it’s not as important as the interior. On the other hand...

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