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Vitamin D - Are You Getting Enough

No doubt you've seen the headlines cautioning us about our potential vitamin D deficiency. What does this mean for our...

The Effects Of Untreated Scoliosis

Even when we’re standing up straight, there are some natural curves in our vertebral columns. It’s quite normal for women to have a steeper lower-spine curve than men, for instance. However, aside from giving distinguishing characteristics for ...

Amid fears of Coronavirus here's how you can keep your office space clean and hygienic

It is impossible to ignore recent global events regarding the spread of Covid-19. While we have had outbreaks of disease in the past (SARS, Zika, etc.), the effects of the Coronavirus are being felt more severely than others.

How to Make THC Cartridges

The first step in the preparation of THS cartridges is to extract the THS from the cannabis plant. Various methods can be implied on the cannabis plant to extract the...

Key Elements of Good Nutrition and Fitness

Keeping fit and healthy is an important factor in everyday life. With a healthy lifestyle, you can cope up with stress and fight various illnesses. An aim of living a long life will also be attained with a healthy routine. You will...


Cannabis has been one of the controversial substances where some people have believed in its therapeutic benefits while others have seen it as a psychoactive and addictive substance. Cannabis contains various compounds, known as...

How Body Image Can Influence Self-Esteem in Men

Despite the general consensus that only ladies worry over their appearance, gentlemen are as much likely to self-reflect on their natural attributes. With the rise of the modern fitness lifestyle and other ‘Alpha male’ characterizations, a lot of men are ...

What Are The Main Differences Between Keto Diet And Atkins Diet?

The keto and the Atkins diet have been on for a while now and some people may confuse between them because they are both low carb and high-fat diets. Nonetheless, there are striking differences between them, and in this article, we will share with you the differences between...

Beauty's New High: The CBD Dope

People are not just smoking cannabis but also growing fond of its compound- CBD by rubbing it into their skin. The cannabis plant compounds have incredible antioxidant and anti-radical properties and is considered the...

How Your Perspective in Life Changes with Age

While we age, our perception of life doesn’t age; it changes. Things that seemed of grave importance yesterday, suddenly seem trivial today, and vice versa. What you might not have noticed, however, is that some of our skills improve or don’t diminish as we age, which can affect our perception of life positively.

Health Tips that Will Help You Stay to Away from Stress

Nowadays, anxiety and stress are common among people. There are numerous reasons behind stress, such as daily expenses, the problem in relations, overwork, bad interactions with people and regular hassles. To manage stress, people use different methods, from massage and...

9 Amazing Health And Social Benefits Of Skateboarding

Have you ever known that skateboarding was invented in California as a pass time to surfers when the sea waves were either too rough or too weak for surfing?

Ways to Get Your Kids Outside And Enjoy San Diego

As confusing as it may be, younger generations seem to be more comfortable spending time alone, or with the company of others indoors. This distance from the outdoors and nature, in general, can affect a child’s...

Bending With Your Knees: The Importance of Protecting Your Back

You must have noticed that any time you experience pain in any part of your body, you will avoid certain positions and movements that trigger that sensation.

How to Reduce Diastolic Blood Pressure the Natural Way

How common is high blood pressure? More common than you think. According to the CDC, approximately 75 million Americans have high blood pressure—that’s nearly one-third of the population!

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